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Philippines Climate change, water resources, food security, energy resources and population growth issues (Term Paper Sample)


Philippines Climate change, water resources, food security, energy resources and population growth issues 


2. Content (70 points)
a) At least three references from legitimate sources (10 points).
b) The appropriateness and meaningfulness of the reference for the purposes of this paper (20 points).
c) Discussion of the data and the thoughtful analysis that include, but not limited to, challenges faced by the country; initiatives the country has started; reporting the progress, if available (40 points).
Climate change
 Issues
o Temperature increase
o Extreme heat leading to other catastrophies
o Typhons
o Sea level disturbance around the country
 Initiative and Progress
Water resources
 Issues
 Progress
Food security
 Issues
 Progress
Energy resources
 Issues
 Progress
Population growth
 Issues
 Progress



Climate change Issueso Temperature increaseo Extreme heat leading to other catastrophieso Typhonso Sea level disturbance around the country Initiative and Progress
In just about 200 years after the start of industrialization, the earth’s temperature shoot up. Towards the 21st century, human doings put a toll on the earth’s carrying capacity. The earth lashed back from the stresses by thawing the thousand years old glaciers and ice caps. Melted ice and heated atmosphere gave way to rising sea levels. The ocean conveyor belt which controls the movement of hot and cold energy had been affected. When the oceans get super warm, the land dries up easily and when it gets too cold it generates too much rains. Heat waves, drought, forest fires, cyclones, hurricanes, storms, typhoons, flashfloods and landslides have intensified from feedback and forcings on the climate system. We are now in the era of modern climate change. But more than an environmental issue, climate change is a social issue which affects the quality of life. It affects the achievement and fulfilment of the universal human rights especially of the people who are in the margins and socially excluded.

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