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Getting to know Gout. FDA Consumer (Term Paper Sample)

Getting to know Gout. FDA Consumer article review source..
The articles are talking about gout and its management. The difference in the articles is the audience and the writing style. What is the likely background of the article’s audience? Does the article require that the reader have specialized knowledge? For what basic category of reader is the article written? The first article by Fleiger, K. 1995, has a general audience. The author is writing for the general audience who read the FDA Consumer periodical. They do not require specialized knowledge and are lay audience. The author has given background information and has used attractive graphics in the article. This is the kind of information the audience needs. The article is written for basic readers who can understand and relate information as it is presented. It has a humorous approach to the topic especially the use of the picture to illustrate that gout is a rich man’s disease, (Fleiger, 1995). The second article by Emmerson, T. B. 1996, has a target audience who are medical practitioners and students. The author has written for the audience of the technical journal, The New England Journal of Medicine. They are experts and require specialized knowledge. They are adept readers who understand and can summarize the complicated information. Emmerson does not give background information since the audience already understands gout. The article has a serious approach and goes straight to the topic without picture illustrations, (Emmerson, 1996). What is the author’s purpose? In other words, what is the article intended to accomplish? Flieger’s article aims at educating and informing the general audience about gout. In addition, he explains how it develops; using an illustration, the causes, symptoms and how it is treated and managed. Emmerson’s article on the other hand aims at guiding practitioners and students on diagnosis as well as treatment of gout. How do the differences in audience and purpose affect the following elements in the article? Scope and Organization Flieger’s article has a narrow scope and is organized in importance of information format. The audience easily understands the information. T...
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