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Change Management (Term Paper Sample)

The paper should at least reflect the following: - Application of a well conceived problem statement; - Use of a problem solving model; - Research on potential solutions and a clear decision on a solution; - Creation of implementation strategy - Consideration of success measurement techniques - Must include an introductory paragraph with a succinct thesis statement - Must address the topic of the paper with critical thought - Must conclude with a restatement of the thesis and a conclusion paragraph source..
Topic: Change Management
Instructor`s Name:
Since the speed of change has continued to gain momentum, change management has become a fundamental proficiency needed by Human Resources staff, supervisors, managers, and organization leaders. Decision-making is a crucial ability and skill in the workplace and is particularly significant for effective leadership.
To managers, it is quite imperative since it helps them decide which person to hire, which particular supplier to use, or which strategy to pursue. It is important since it portends the ability to make effectual decision with available information. Nonetheless, it could also be easily applied in designed in fitting ways that one could use in any situation requiring decision-making. This paper extensively highlights on issues that would help incept and make the concept of change management and its implementation in order bringing an understanding on the need for change in organizations.
It is however important to beware that each decision presents its own challenges, and therefore will need different ways of approach. Resolving problems and making of decisions are important skills for both business and other human life functions. Problem-resolution often involves decision-making which in particularly is crucial for management and leadership. This therefore demands that it is ideal to improve human techniques and processes so as to improve decision-making and the excellence of decisions.
Nonetheless, there are people who are naturally good in decision-making. Such a clique of people should therefore focus more on improving the worth of their decisions. On the hand, some people are naturally less competent in decision-making and are often capable of making quality assessments which then calls them to be more keen and decisive in executing measures on the assessments made. Making a decision and resolving problems are closely linked that necessitates the need for creativity in identifying and developing alternatives portending bright useful ideas. The increasing need for problem solving has led to evaluations that help in assessing the strength of a company, a business proposition or idea.
Efficient decision-making requires a combination of skills that portend creative development and recognition of alternatives, firmness of decision, clarity of judgment, and effectual implementation. Likewise, decision making and cluster problem-solving, or when a consensus is needed, might demand for conferences intervention whereby one can incorporate appropriate tools and process so as to meet the requirement.
The process of decision-making 
There is need for those involved in change management to be able to define and clarify the urgency of an issue. It is also important to note that facts provided are authentic to the causes cited. Besides, the step of analyzing and evaluating the problem is considered as key since it will he...
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