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Reflection Paper: Promotion Of Self-Awareness And Self-Assessment (Term Paper Sample)


Reflection paper 2
Reflection is a cognitive process that promotes self-awareness and encourages self-assessment. The cognitive process of reflecting on one's authentic knowledge, practice, and beliefs/attitudes is an important part of learning.

Self-reflection provides a means for people to identify issues; state opinion, inferences, and predictions; and express feelings, beliefs, and attitudes. Your responsibility in self-reflection is to support personal opinion, inference, and prediction by the inclusion of relevant content knowledge presented in published works.
You can start by asking the following questions of the reading: The Humanities and the Social Sciences: Contrasting Approaches. Think about your favorite media content - do you tend to think about it as a scientist or a humanist? For example, do you think your favorite media reinforces or problematizes particular power relationships (humanistic) or do you think your media has particular effects on particular audiences (scientist). Most of us lean toward either thinking in terms of humanistic interpretations or in terms of testable scientific hypotheses.
Do you think you tend to favor one way of thinking over another? Where do you think the study of communication ought to be situated? Why?


Reflection paper 2
Institutional Affiliation
Ever since I was young, I have always been enthusiastic about pictures. The upsurge of pictures in modern times has been amplified by the use of social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Digital picture production and the Internet have transformed how people interact with photography. These developments have increased my interest in pictures, considering photography has become a diverse profession that focuses on different needs among people and corporations. There is no doubt that I have the same passion for artistic images, particularly drawings and paintings. I often spend most of my leisure time browsing through images, especially those of people, pets, and wild animals. In this light, images as a media content tend to reinforce how I interact with the imaginary and natural world. Suggestively, paintings and pictures have a humanistic impact on me rather than a scientist impact. My humanistic perspective is due to the fact that it is an ideology that advocates for humanity and reason. Through a humanist approach, the moral value of pictures and paintings lies in the fact that they are founded on human nature and experience, which are inherent links between people. There is no doubt that specific pictures and paintings have particular effects on certain audiences based on the scientist perceptions. Nevertheless, I embrace the humanist

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