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Business Communications, Medicaid, Health Care, People (Term Paper Sample)


My target is for the millennials and the elderly. My main focus was to inform them about medicaid and medicare


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According to the current statistics, Medicaid provides health care to more than 4.6 million elderly people in the united states, most of them are also enrolled in Medicare. Both of them are government sponsored and are designed to help cover the medical costs of the elderly group most of whom are out of employment or are retired. For most elderly group, they are usually confused when it comes to Medicaid and Medicare, especially with how the programs work and the coverage each offer. The following reflection report is based on video presentation on Medicare and Medicaid and provides an analysis of how the whole activity was planned and executed.
During the preparation, it was important to first identify the target audience for the presentation. Identification of the target audience is usually important as it enables the presenter to understand the content he will need to prepare and how it shall be delivered. Since my target audience were elderly, audio and visual presentations were the most necessary. As a part of preparation, background research was done regarding Medicaid and Medicare, wh

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