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Difference And Similarity Between Citizens Band Radio And Smartphone (Term Paper Sample)


Topic: Mobile media and mobile privatization—Using the notions of “flow” and “mobile privatization," how are smartphones both different and similar to Citizens Band Radio?
So the topic of this essay might be citizen movements and protests or evasion of government authority, and how this difference and similar between CB radio or smartphone. The information of citizen movements and protests or evasion of government authority please see the two article that I mentioned in the last paragraph.


Analysis of CB radio and Smartphones
Student's Name
The Citizen's Band (CB) Radio Service which is also known as CB radio is a public two-way personal radio service. The best-known form of CB is a voice communications device that was highly known in the 1970s (Adams, 2015). In the 1970s, there were not so many methods of communication since there were no smartphones during this period. CB radios were introduced to ensure that people traveling could easily communicate with each other. However, over time people have begun purchasing smartphones and the popularity of CB radios have drastically reduced (Guffey, & Loewy, 2012).
Over the years, several technological innovations have been introduced in the market. Some of these are the Internet and electronic mobile devices such as the smartphones. As developments in communication continue, mobile devices become more advanced and sophisticated (Straubhaar, LaRose, & Davenport, 2016). After only a decade, smartphones have become so successful that enterprises and their workers have issues imagining going about their daily lives without these gadgets.
In regards to mobile privatization, the attachment of the person towards a mobile device can lead them to feel comfortable while connected to this device within a mobile setting (Oswald, & Packer, 2013). The paper will seek to analyze the differences and similarities between CB Radio and smartphones. It will also examine the essential issue in the mobile privatization of social movement and citizen protests and how these problems are connected to smartphones and CB Radio.
The late twentieth century saw significant development of computer applications. The early twenty-first century led to the invention of numerous smartphone applications. The sensors created within the smartphone, its programmability and portability have made it possible for the device to have several applications (Woyke, 2014). Beyond the recreational apps available on smartphones, health and fitness applications enable the user to track the miles they have run, consumed calories and also their current heart rate. CB radios also have several applications that allow the user to send their messages easily.
Smartphones have numerous productivity applications which eliminate paperwork and save a lot of time. These applications include calculators, calendars, task managers and also GPS. Applications that do not come installed on the device can be easily purchased or downloaded separately (Guffey, & Loewy, 2012). GPS applications for smartphones are beneficial for workers traveling for businesses that want to ensure they can find hotels without an issue and also arrive at meetings on time. Smartphones also allow workers to create, edit and even print documents through word processing and also to present this information.
Both CB radios and smartphones are readily available in the market and as they have been modified to suit the needs of the customers. These devices make it easy for the user to communicate with any individual while driving. This has streamlined communication processes especially in the transport and delivery sector (Packer, 2008).
With CB radios, the individual can quickly travel anywhere while remaining connected due to their device. Smartphones are highly similar as with the numerous applications contained in such gadgets, the person remains connected, and this creates a sense of familiarity which leads to the person's identity becoming attached to their mobile service provider (Straubhaar, LaRose, & Davenport, 2016).
A person does not need a license to purchase a smartphone and also a CB radio. Numerous individuals readily accept both...

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