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Written Communication: Marketing Term Paper (Term Paper Sample)


I would like to have the same person who did Assignment 1 complete Assignment 2 for me.
PROFESSOR: Hooking Your Audience" Please respond to the following:
Part 1: In preparation for Assignment 2, which in due in Week 9, share your opening. What story or data point are you using to hook and connect with the audience?
Part 2: Review another student's opening and provide constructive feedback.
Below is my discussion (response) argument in preparation for Assignment 2
The purpose of this opening is to educate my targeted individuals that Insurance companies are allowed to be picky about who they decide to give insurance based off of age, preexisting health risks, etc. This leaves majority of the population rejected by the companies to pay high out of pocket medical cost. These issues leave individuals uninsured and is left in financial distress. I can tell you that Medicaid is typically only available to people living in abject poverty and in many states even living in poverty doesn't qualify you for Medicaid unless there is some other aggravating factor like disability or pregnancy. Meanwhile, Medicare is typically only available to the disabled or to those over 65 years of age. Without Obamacare, vast numbers of persons between the ages of 18 and 65 who make enough money they aren't officially living in poverty but not enough to afford private health insurance simply can't afford to buy the coverage.


Written Communication
Written Communication
Communication is one of the key aspects that all institutions need to consider as communication integrates an array of factors to ensure that operations of a business move effectively. Based on the above reasoning, it is important for businesses to ensure they have good communication plans to ensure that the operations of the organization move effectually according to the plans of organizations. The communication in this context explains the importance of insurance covers, especially health insurance to people's lives. Health covers are important as they curb the financial distress most people who do not have health covers face. Most of the people without health covers tend to pay quite costly bills at once, which might affect one financially. Based on the above reasons, health covers are important to people. The essay is a written communication that focuses on educating the targeted audience on the importance of health insurance covers.
Part 1: story/data point I used to hook and connect with the audience
The chief aim of the story is to educate my target audience on the importance of health insurance. To expound on how insurance firms operate, they are quite choosy on who they decide to give insurance based on factors such as age or preexisting health risks. The approach leaves most of the people under rejection from the insurance firms. After the companies tend to sideline some of the individuals tend to pay high and at time unaffordable medical cost. The above issues which leave out some individuals being uninsured expose the individuals to financial distress. Based on the above reasons, insurances are important and people should ensure that they have insurance covers, which cuts down their costs of paring medical bills.
My targeted audience are youths and adults especially from the ages of 18-65. A good example of the medical insurance covers is Medicaid. Medicaid is only applies to people living in abject pov

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