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BUSI 1324 Assignment: Managing Business Strategy Game Report (Term Paper Sample)


Need to combine the online simulation game data to analyze, analyzing the reason for every steps and its outcome, the important decisions need to be screen shot in the game simulation data.
The report should be clearly structured and follow a logical format. A contents page should be included
which should adequately set out the structure of the report in a systematic way.
1. Introduction
State clearly what the report is about and the sequence of key tasks/events to follow.
2. Competitive Strategy
This section requires the description of the (Generic) Competitive Strategy your company has pursued
in its attempt to gain real competitive advantage
3. Industry Overview
This section requires the analysis of the Macro environment (through the PESTEL model); the
analysis of the Industry (through the Five Forces of Competition framework); and the identification of
the main opportunities and threats.
4. Company Overview
This section requires a brief Background to the Company to provide a context for the report. You are
expected to describe: the mission and vision of the company; the markets/regions it operates in; the
number of firms competing in the industry; the company's competitive positioning (per product type)
for respective geographic regions; and the main potential strengths and weaknesses of company.
5. Decisions Made
This section requires a detailed description of the KEY DECISIONS MADE each year (from Year 11 to
Year 15 inclusive). For each year, you are expected to describe: What key decisions did your company
make? Why did you make these decisions? What results were you hoping for? Where did the company
place in the industry? Did demand increase; by how much; in which markets? Did market share
increase; by how much; in which markets? Did retail coverage increase; by how much; in which
markets? Did you meet investors' expectations? How did you perform in relation to competitors?
You need to provide evidence of the decisions taken and results achieved every year by including the
screenshots from the game in Appendix.
6. Final Results
This section requires to provide an assessment of how your company performed overall. You are
expected to: discuss the retail coverage and market share for each of the markets you operated in;
discuss your overall competitive positioning in your industry;
7. Reflection
Discuss how well or how poorly you performed. Your reflections and self-appraisal of either business
success or failure is the key aspect of this section. The actual success or failure in the game is not the
key issue: the most important aspect of this section of your ability to reflect and learn from the results
8. Underlying Strategic Principles
In this section you can provide some discussion and analysis on the need for strategic thinking,
strategic visioning and strategic management of the company.
BUSI 1324, Managing Strategy 2017-18 14
9. Key Learning Points about Strategy
Provide some discussion/analysis which might include the following:
• Importance of assessing the macro-environment.
• Importance of assessing the industry and competitors.
• Complexities of running a company.
• Importance of having a clear and shared focus for the company.
• Strategic analysis and planning required for maintaining competitive position.
• Complexities of meeting different stakeholder expectations.
10. Conclusion
In this section you are expected to reflect on the main issues uncovered and lessons learned through the
simulation exercise as they relate to: the actual strategic decision making process; the interaction among
team members; and your own personal performance and experience.
Reference List (Alphabetical order and Harvard style. It is not included in the word count)
Appendices (not included in the word count)


Student's Name
Institutional Affiliation
Business Strategy Game Report
1.0 Introduction
First and foremost, I would like to thank you Professor for your guidance and valuable knowledge, we have been able to complete a useful simulation business strategy game. It is interesting, challenging with very important lessons and knowledge on marketing, financial analysis, business, production and other various aspects. It presented us with the opportunity to make decisions in regard to business strategy and any decision affects the company operations and other competing companies. This game has taught us a lot in addition to the guides and strategies that you provided us with.
At this point we are presenting a report of the game which you will present to the Board of Directors to demonstrate what we have done and reasons why we did it.
2.0 Competitive Strategy
At first the company utilized a differentiation strategy but due to various factors that necessitated us to adopt to market changes and demands we adopted a low-cost strategy to enlarge our market share (Boyne and Gould-Williams, 2003).
3.0 Industry Overview
In order to understand the environment which the athletic footwear industry operates, we need to conduct a PESTEL analysis.
3.0.1 Political
The footwear industry is all over the world meaning that it is being affected by various government policies depending on a country, therefore, the tariffs, duties, and taxes vary across the countries and regions. In North America, the policies seem too liberal as compared to other areas such as Europe and Latin America.
3.0.2 Economic
The footwear industry is affected by various financial factors such as foreign exchange rates, capital valuations, bank rates, stock market among others. Organizations cannot take any financial decisions if they ignore the above mentioned factors. Therefore, for company to gain and maintain a competitive advantage in the industry, it must be well versed with these factors.
3.0.3 Socio-Cultural
The footwear industry cannot produce products that meets the needs of a particular social or cultural group. Its products must be distinguished considering the age group or target market.
3.0.4 Technological
With the advancements being witnessed in the technological sector, it plays a significant role I all industries and the footwear is not an exception. Every company is striving to adopt the latest type of technology as an attempt of producing distinct products. Technology plays a significant role in production and marketing.
3.0.5 Environmental
Environmental issues have become critical in the current world and companies are concerned about the utilization of energy resources (Dixon, Scura, Carpenter and Sherman, 2014, p.17). The footwear industry is concerned about the recycling of useful materials to reduce production costs.
3.0.6 Location
The location of production plants is affects the overall costs per unit as well as its quality. Additionally, supply chain factors such as taxes and tariffs vary across locations.
3.1 Competitive Forces
Porter's Five Forces of Competition can be used to establish the competitive nature of the athletic footwear industry in the global market.
3.1.1 Threat of New Entrants
The initial investment costs for a footwear company are high making it hard for new entrants enter the industry. Additionally, the setting up process is complex making scaring away new entrants. Therefore, the chances of new entrants are low.
3.1.2 Bargaining Pow...

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