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Strategic Communications Plan Marketing Assignment (Term Paper Sample)


Since we had to submit a topic to the Professor, I chose healthcare.
The purpose of the communication-
The purposes of this communication is to basically inform and persuade the staff members of our organization healthcare
Your goal
• Help Medicaid/Medicare recipients identify and select the plans in their county that best meet the needs for them and their family.
• Raise employees' awareness and understanding of differences in the quality of the plans and/or provider organizations available to them.
The targeted audience I will be looking to attract is mainly older adults and millennials
Key Message
• Happiness lies first of all, in health.
• If you have health, you probably will be happy, and if you have health and happiness, you have the wealth you need, even if it is not all you want.
Supporting Points
• Many Americans struggle with debt. For this reason, affordable health care is an important priority for our country.
• A health care system that cripples its patients with debt is not consistent with a healthy economy.
Channel Selection
My method of channeling will be through briefings, exhibits, facts sheets, email and PowerPoint presentation
Action Request
• First, I would conduct an analysis of the healthcare organization
• Listening to suggestions from the various department


Strategic Communications Plan from a Healthcare ContextName:Institution:
Strategic Communications Plan from a Healthcare Context
Communication is the central point of production in all organizations and institutions that offer services to a targeted audience. Studies show that efficient communication plays a key role in enhancing services as well as increasing the sales output. Based on the above reasons, institutions and organizations require good communication plans to ensure that the institutions perform well. In healthcare institutions, communication strategies play a crucial role in ensuring that the institution improves the type of services that the patients receive. One of the primary reason as to why communication plans help healthcare centers provide improved services is that there are good working conditions among the medical personnel as well as the good communication extending towards by building a good patient-doctor relationship. The communication plan aims at ensuring that there is effectual communication to facilitate the operations of the healthcare institution.
The purpose of the communication
Communication is one of the most important considerations for organizations around the globe. The reason behind the argument is that communication plays a crucial role in integrating all the services provided to patients. Communication enhances Providence of services through informing and persuading the staff members and other relevant person in the healthcare organization. Scholars argue out that institutions need to have proper and effectual communication plans and policies both from leaders to subordinates and subordinates to leaders (Edwards, Sevdalis, Vincent & Holmes, 2012). The communication policies ensure that the subordinates can air out their grievances and leaders on the other hand offer effectual responses to the requests of the subordinates, which contributes to better services. Based on the above reasons, health organizations need to establish effectual communication plans.
My Goals
I have two chief goals in the communication plan I have for my health care institution.
• The first primary goal of my communication plan is to aid Medicare receivers to recognize plans in their areas of operation. The plans ought to meet the recipients' requirements as well as also meet the needs of their family.
• My second goal is to raise the level of awareness of employees as well as the workforce understanding to help the medical providers to differentiate the quality of the

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