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Discussing Self Selected Chinese Company: Vision, Mission, Core Values (Term Paper Sample)


students will research and write a paper discussing a self-selected Chinese company or a self-selected business-relevant issue in China. Students should resort to original company reports (annual reports, investor presentations, other company website materials), academic references (journal articles, book chapters), official statistics, and reliable news media reporting.
double-spaced with standard margins and in 12-point Times New Rome font.
Tell me the company or then issue once you choose!


Saic Motor
Student's Name
Saic Motor
Saic Motor is the biggest automobile company in China, and its total equity amounts to 11.683 billion shares according to its website (Saic Motor, n.d.). The company strives to capture the trend of industrial development and use innovation to provide a wide range of vehicle products. According to the 2016 annual report of the company, it is mainly engaged in manufacturing and selling of automobiles (commercial and passenger vehicles) and research and development. Saic Motor also manufactures and sells automobile spare parts including powertrains, chassis, engines, transmissions, electronic appliances among others (Saic Motor, 2017). Saic Motor is also involved with automobile-related financial investments, trading, and services (Saic Motor, 2017). The firm is state-owned, and it has its headquarters in Shanghai. Although it is headquartered in China, the brand is known and sold world over. This paper examines major aspects of the Chinese-based firm. The paper begins by examining the company's history, vision, mission, and values, its people, markets, and competition. The paper also looks at the performance of the company as well as its partnerships. SWOT analysis is used to analyze the company's situation.
The company describes its history as one that began with trickles, then grew to torrents, to giant waves before finally culminating in an ocean. Over the last five decades, the company has transformed from a closed local firm to one that is recognized internationally. According to the company's website, the development is majorly owed to China adopting reform and opening up policy. The reform and opening up policy fostered open-mindedness, seeking truth from facts, and being pragmatic and realistic. The focus of the company on innovation contributed to a great extent to its going global strategy. In the trickles phase that happened between the 1950s and 1970s, initiation of manufacturing vehicles took place (Saic Motor, n.d.). The automotive industry in Shanghai began whole motor vehicle manufacturing and eventually became mass production manufacturing base. In the Torrance phase, the company developed into a main company in the Shanghai automotive industry. A feature that characterized this phase according to the website of the company is joint ventures. The focus on technology and joint ventures have helped the company grow into what it is today; the biggest auto manufacturer in China and among the biggest brands in the world. It is evident that the company has been able to keep up the advancement in technology. The company took advantage of this to build its brand and compete effectively in the automobile market.
Vision, Mission, Core Values
Vision, mission, and core values play a significant role in guiding the operations of firms. They provide the direction both in the short-term and in the long-term. According to Sabrautzki (2010), the vision describes the firm's main idea. It provides a picture how the firm should look like in the future. For employees, vision gives a sense of identity and mobilizes them to work towards a particular goal (Sabrautzki, 2010). In addition, with a clear vision, employees are convinced of the importance of their work and thus help in encouraging their commitment towards work and the organization in general. From its website, the vision of Saic Motor is to “build an innovative, globally-recognized company that pioneers the automotive future” (Saic Motor, n.d.). This vision provides a picture of how the firm wants to be in the future.
The mission of any organization provides the reason for existence and how it plans to serve its primary stakeholders. It thus describes its core purpose that ...

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