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Marketing product evaluation (Term Paper Sample)

I want you to evaluate some aspect of marketing management/strategy for a company or brand. It should involve overall marketing strategy, customer service, and particularly segmentation, targeting and positioning. The company I have identified is Siemens (fortune 500 company. The expectation is to describe thoroughly the company/brand and detail. - Why is the brand particularly strong? - What will the company have to do to maintain that strength? - If any weaknesses are discovered on this aspect, then discuss how the weakness can be overcome. The write-up for this project should have the following characteristics: - Approximately four pages, double spaced, Times New Roman font, 11 pt. - Utilize at least three different sources of information on the company/brand, e.g., Company Report, website, articles in the popular business press, scholarly journal articles, etc. Make sure you provide proper citations for your sources. source..

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Product Evaluation
Siemens is one of the most successful corporations in the world, having ranked 47th overall in 2012 in a CNN Money report. The company is committed to its core values of - responsible, excellent and innovation in a legacy and success that has been built and fortified for over 600 years. Siemens- the pioneer prides itself as being committed to redefining the standards they have set, against the background of global changes. Siemens is steadfast in achieving sustainable and profitable growth, and to be constant in ensuring that they remain a global technology leader.
The strategy of the company is espoused in three strategic goals. One is focus on innovation-driven growth, in which their pioneering legacy and spirit is their main component of their business success, and they achieve this by working towards breaking new grounds with a key focus on growth markets, looking at their challenges with new perspectives and thinking beyond the borders. The activities of the company are geared towards approaching the market with innovativeness, and a long term growth potential, strengthening their offerings and also expanding their environment portfolio.
Siemens` other strategic purpose is electing to get closer to their markets, and to be a strong partner to their esteemed customers across the world. Besides having a strong footing in the very industrialized countries, they are continually making a strong presence in the emerging countries, by making strategic improvements on their entrepreneurial responsibility in their regional hubs across the world, and focusing on increasing the local value. The corporation is also focused on professionalization as well as expansion of their service portfolio. Their innovative services that they offer are continually opening up business opportunities and subsequently, customer retention.
The other element of Siemens` strategy is maximizing on their power and strength. To rank among the very best there is, Siemens have recognized that they need to inculcate a sense of excellence in all their endeavors. That`s why they are always out to be an outstanding team, with a militantly dedicated team. Siemens has constantly fostered their development while at the same time promoting opportunities that are equal, and encouraging cooperating between and amongst people from different nations and diverse cultures. To achieve their business success, Siemens has a clear commitment to integrity, with the guidance of strong binding principles, to which they also expect to be reciprocated by their customers, their supplier and employees as well.
Siemens has six key businesses, or sectors that they operate. One of them is the energy sector. Here, they enable their customers to generate, transmit and also distribute power at efficiency levels that are the highest. They help the customers to produce, convert and also...
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