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Experiential Learning Opportunities For The Capstone Course (Term Paper Sample)


Experiential Learning Opportunities for the Capstone (MG 800) Course(I chose option2)
Today's employers seek employees that can create and identify alternative solutions to business problems, as well as develop rationale to support their decisions. They want employees that can effectively communicate to external and internal stakeholders through solid oral and writing skills. Each option is designed to allow students to further develop and refine these skills in a professional, real-world setting.
There are 3 options or tracks for students which can be chosen based on their career goals and under the guidance to the OCA department in conjunction with Academics. For each option, whenever possible, Research Center staff, OCA and Academic offices will work closely with the MG 800 instructor to select a project that matches each student's area of concentration (Business Management, Marketing, Information Technology Management, Healthcare Management, Finance, Entrepreneurship, and Community Development)
Capstone Project Options
Option #1 Business Plan Project
Students will be required to create and refine their business concept, define the market potential, and to create a well-developed business plans that incorporates all of the knowledge and skills acquired throughout the M.B.A. program. Students who select this track will work with a faculty mentor develop a business description and vision, define the market (through industry analysis and target market description), describe the products and services as well as organization and management, develop a strategy for marketing and sales, estimate start up costs with sources of funding requirement, develop financial statements (estimates) for their business to enable them to launch the business during or after graduation. Each student will work with a faculty mentor to guide him/her through this process. The business concept must be approved prior to registering for the capstone course so that the student can begin working on the plan as soon as the semester begins. The goal for the student is to create a formal business plan suitable for submitting to a potential investor, bank or lending institution, or venture contest.

Option #2 Practicum Project
For this option, students will receive approval by their employer or small business owner to work on a specific project that will allow them to development the ability to frame problems, work with real data, deal with people, and develop project management skills. This experiential learning opportunity will allow students to work on real life business consulting or development projects to put their business skills to work in making a difference for a company with a real-world problem. This project incorporates all the theoretical knowledge learned in the M.B.A., giving the student a chance to gain experience in applying coursework through experience in, strategy formulation, decision making, and teamwork to solve real business problems and enhance their decision making skills.
Capstone students will work for a firm and under the guidance of their capstone instructor, and/or community liaison to solve a “real world” business problem. The client company will provide the student, the course instructor, and the Research Center with a company overview, access to key stakeholders, a project summary, and focus. The student will then provide an outline for project completion and submit bi-weekly progress updates to the client and the course instructor. Upon completion of the project at the end of the semester, the student will deliver a written document and prepare a presentation of the deliverables (Value Chain Analysis, Sensitivity Analysis, SWOT Analysis, Competitive Analysis using the Five Forces Model, etc.) Projects must be completed and presented on paper and in oral presentation by the end of the semester in which the student is taking the capstone course. 

Option #3 Applied Research project
The Research Project option is designed to develop students' ability to frame problems, gather, analyze and interpret primary and/or secondary data, and make recommendations or draw conclusions about critical business and/or economic issues for a company. Through interviews with the various stakeholders who have an interest in solving the problem, students (along with a faculty advisor) will identify a problem then through in-depth study and analysis students will recommend solutions for these problems as part of the case analysis.
Research proposals for students' case studies should be submitted to the Academic Office for approval before proceeding. Upon approval of this project, students will be assigned to work with faculty to complete the projects. Students will be required to prepare and submit a paper and to present a component of the research that he/she engaged in while taking the capstone class. Depending on the nature of the research effort, drafts of the research results should be presented by the student at various points in the semester. Some of the activities that students will engage in throughout the process are: gathering and analyzing secondary data, creating a tool or instrument to gather and analyze primary data, gathering related research and preparing a literature review, preparing and analyzing tables, charts, and supporting text, working with existing models or developing new models for use in research, etc.
Please upload a draft, include outline total 2~3 pages by september 29, 2017


Business Plan
Institutional Affiliation
Business Plan
Executive Summary
Mobile phone devices have revolutionized how people communicate, and redefined our lives from many perspectives. Increased development in information technology has provided an opportunity for diversification of businesses in the retail sector. Retailers have become an imperative contributor to how products from manufacturers reach the end users. The intent of this business plan is to offer insights on how KCOM Inc. will venture in the retail business and progress into an international retailer of diverse electronic products.
Today, there are many manufacturers who are situated in various places across the globe. The innovativeness of the developers has raised the competition in the mobile phone business as each company seeks to meet the needs of their consumers and expand their market share. These ventures offer a great opportunity for KCOM, Inc. to establish a business that will gradually grow through opening up of new stores and online sales.
The business will be located in New York, and it will be run by the owner Mr. Thomas Kendrick. The founder is a businessman who has expertise in marketing and has engaged in various technological projects. His expertise will be critical in the implementation of this plan and the subsequent growth of the business. The strategic location of the business will facilitate engagement with customers and participation in different community-oriented projects.
The aim of the business is to offer customers a variety of innovative products from different manufacturers. The company will also offer advice and expertise in handling issues emerging from the products sold. The goals of the company will be achieved by identifying emerging trends and integrating them in the business process. Also, the provision of high-quality products and services at fair prices will help in stabilizing its position in the market and the subsequent expansion to other regions. The business will gain revenue from sale of products and services through the physical store and online platforms. The company stands to gain substantially from customization of products and bulk selling to organizations.
Vision Statement
The vision of KCOM is to be a leading electronic retail company that will offer consumers with a variety of innovative products from different manufacturers across the globe. The vision is fostered on the ideology of thinking big and starting small. The company will start operations with a single physical facility that will serve as the headquarters and sales store. Additionally, the company will accomplish its mission through efficiency in e-commerce to ensure that it remains competitive in this new approach to business.
Mission Statement

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