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AutoZone Inc Business & Marketing Term Paper Essay (Term Paper Sample)


You will write an 8-10 page double-spaced paper . The purpose of the paper is to help you understand more about your firm from a business perspective and to learn how to find and evaluate legal and regulatory issues facing your company. the goal is to begin providing structure for your paper by developing an outline that explore some of the topic areas you need to discuss in your final firm paper. please use the attached "Final Firm Paper Outline" as a template for your outline. You will notice the Final Firm Paper Outline mirrors the graded requirements in the actual final firm paper, so the template is designed to ensure you are thinking about all of the areas of discussion that are graded on the actual final firm paper
Final Firm Paper Outline/Template
BUS 641
1. Introduction (1-2 pages)
a. Provide some basic history and background about your company, including what they do or make.
2. Perform a SWOT analysis of your company (2-3 pages)
a. Strengths
b. Weaknesses
c. Opportunities
d. Threats
3. Analyze your firm’s stock price over the past 12 months (1-2 page)
a. Explain the trend in your company’s stock price over the past 12 months
b. What is driving the stock price trend?
c. Are the events driving the stock price trend within the company’s control or outside the company’s control?
4. Identify and discuss regulatory and legal issues (2-3 pages)
a. Identify at least 3 significant regulatory or legal issues that your company is currently facing or has faced within the past 12 months.
i. For each identified regulatory or legal issue
1. Explain the issue using terms you learned in class
2. Discuss whether they will have a material impact on the company’s stock price, performance, or viability in the near term.
3. Explain how the company is dealing with the issue and/or any actions taken to date
5. References/Citations


Running head: AUTOZONE1
AutoZone: Situation Analysis
Student Name
College/University Affiliation


AutoZone: Situation Analysis
1. Introduction
AutoZone is a US, Tennessee-based automotive aftermarket retailer. Founded July 4, 1979 as Auto Shack by J.R. “Pitt” Hyde III in Forrest City, Arkansas, AutoZone/Auto Shack expanded into eight stores in Arkansas and Tennessee (“About AutoZone,” n.d.). Initially conceived by J.R. “Pitt” Hyde III as a specialty store and as part of family’s wholesale food business, AutoZone has expanded into an international company offering mutiple aftermarket services by expanding in size, operations and competitive advantage and staff. In 1987, Auto Shack became independent AutoZone lead by J.R. “Pitt” Hyde III. This step marked an important milestone in company’s history. By operating independently from Pitt’s family business, AutoZone assumed an independent corporate identity and, as such, continue to grow and develop a brand unique to AutoZone. In 1991, AutoZone was listed on New York Stock Exchange. Changing status from private to public company is second important milestone in company’s history. Turning public means, if anything, AutoZone, just as all publicly traded companies are, is accountable to stockholders and stakeholders as opposed to company’s founders and owners only. The change in status is, moreover, a strong indication of company’s solid financial and non-financial position. During, 1990s, AutoZone made more calculated and extremely successful moves only to cement company’s competitive edge in aftermarket industry. In 1996, AutoZone rolled out a commercial program providing credit and delivery to auto part professionals. Shortly after, Auto Zone acquired ALLDATA, country’s leading provider of electronic automotive diagnostic and repair software – a vertical expansion which has enabled AutoZone to diversify and further specialize in aftermarket offerings. In 1998, AutoZone was ready to expand

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