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1 year Marketing Plan for Fenty Beauty Business & Marketing Term Paper (Term Paper Sample)


Project Paper - 20%
You have the choice of working with fellow classmates in a team (with up to four members), or doing the project on your own.
Your challenge is to create a one-year Marketing plan for an existing store, product, or service of a real company. The components that are critical to marketing success (and should be addressed in your paper) are:
1. Executive Summary – discusses as-found condition and recommendation in six sentences or less.
2. Brief Company Description – the business name, location, primary business, who you interviewed and their title/positon.
3. Existing Strategic Plan/Focus – the owner’s existing ‘vision’ (ie: their long-term plan) for the business.
4. Existing Situational Analysis – your assessment of the existing SWOT and 4P’s.

5. Proposed product/service focus – your proposed changes in the product or service offerings. [This is merely a brief overall strategic statement].
6. Proposed Marketing strategy – your modified vision (long-term plan) for the business. [This is a little more than a brief overall strategic statement (the previous step 5); use a few sentences to summarize your strategy].
7. Proposed Marketing Mix – your modified 4P’s. (the details related to your proposal).
8. Financial projections – the estimated costs/profits related to your proposal (not the
business’s current financial status) in terms of: (i) any initial capital outlay, (ii) any ongoing operational costs, (iii) when I can expect to see additional profits as a result of your proposed changes.
9. Implementation Plan – the specific details related to your plan.
10. Monitoring and Evaluation – as the owner, what should I watch for that will tell me
how successful your new plan has been for my business?
Note: You (or your group) will choose any ‘real’ company in the world that has actual sales (a marketing plan for a proposed businesses is not acceptable) but you must get approval of their selection from the Instructor. Given the groups/individuals cannot select the same organization, businesses will reserved on a first come, first serve basis.
The written report should be a well-organized and concisely-written document that integrates the concepts of the course and accurately uses applicable terminology to explain and rationalize your business plan decisions.
The report will be a maximum of ten pages; double spaced (excluding the title page and reference page). The paper will use 12-point Times New Roman text and one-inch (2.54 cm) (2.54 cm) margins.
If you are presenting the paper as part of a team, your score will be based on the overall project; not your individual input into the paper.
Referencing Format - Students can use the reference style they find to be most comfortable. My only requirement is that you are consistent throughout your paper.
Paper Project; Late Submissions - There is no acceptable excuse for a late submission. If you are in an area with unreliable Internet access, either: (i) try to submit the paper a few days before the due date (so that you hav


Fenty Beauty Marketing Plan
Institutional Affiliation:
Fenty Beauty Marketing Plan
Executive Summary
Fenty Beauty is a cosmetics brand launched by Singer Rihanna in September 2017. The business holds a distinguished position due to its products that cater to a wide range of skin types and tones for people from all walks of life. Accordingly, the company’s mission is to have people of all gender included in the products offered by focusing on a broad spectrum of up to 50 traditionally-hard-to match skin tones; through formulae developed to work for all skin types and distinguishing universal shades. Consequently, Fenty Beauty’s vision is to inspire customers based on the mantra: “Makeup is there for you to have fun with.” This paper presents a one-year marketing plan for Fenty Beauty, focusing on strategies to promote makeup for men.

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