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Midterm Report: Gene and Genome editing techniques (Term Paper Sample)


Report Format/Content
Any current style sheet used in academic sheet may be accepted including MLA, APA, CSE, or Chicago manual of style.
Some general background information associated with the selected topic can be included in the report but the focus of the report needs be on new/current information about the topic.
Use double spaced line.
The work cited page should included peer reviewed articles from scholarly journals(example: Journal of biological chemistry). Articles from other respected sources can be cited as well including respected magazine publications(example: Newsweek) and popular journals(example: National Geographic, Science etc.).
Do not limiter or overload the Works Cited page with www.s.
Purpose of Assignment
To engage the students in a new and exciting topic of interest to the student in the field of biology and have the student prepare a written report on the selected topic.
PS: I will upload the topics in the source area.


Midterm Report: Gene and Genome editing techniques
The application of gene and genome editing technique allows researchers to cut and edit DNA, which then opens up various possibilities to treat diseases like cancer and HIV and even reduce the severity of condition like blindness. The genome editing techniques are also useful to understanding of genetic diseases, but there are still technical limitations that make it difficult to use these techniques widely (to Cox, Platt & Zhang, 2015). The discovery of the genetic code has made it possible to expand genetic engineering techniques including capacity to reprogram cell codes. One of the fundamental questions of biological thinking has been the clarification of the complex relationship between structure and life and better understanding of this relationship would provide insights on how to improve health and treat some diseases.

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