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Chemistry Paper: Finding An Alternative To Airbags (Term Paper Sample)


Please do part C D E as a continuation to the previous order I've made that you did for me.


Chemistry Paper
Author Name
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Part C—An Alternative to Airbags
Finding an Alternative to Airbags
Researchers Name
Purpose of Proposal
The purpose of this proposal is to identify an alternative to airbags. The alternative I have selected is air suspension (Lee & Novak, 2006).
Definition of Terms
An air suspension is far different than the airbag, but performs almost similar functions.
Methods, Materials, Procedure
Suspensions ensure to keep your car running on the road without any problem, and help you create a perfect balance between your speed and position while keeping the vehicle stable on the road. The suspension system presents a consistent trade-off between on-road and off-road performance and the quality of ride (Liu, 2012). So, if you had been looking for a suitable alternative to an airbag, suspension is the right option for you. Just like an airbag, various chemical reactions take place in a syspension system and various gases remain involved all the time (Jo, et al., 2017).
Personal Statement
I went through the internet and read different books and journals to find a suitable alternative to airbags and got nothing but suspensions, which come in different forms but ensure the same quality and reliability.
Just like an airbag, suspensions add extra protection to your vehicle and are designed to give additional support to both the driver and passengers. One of the major advantages of this alternative is that it allows us to deflate or inflate the airbag to suit the amount of load we are carrying. Suspensions are constructed in a unique way and allow you to carry light to heavy load easily (Hendre & Purohit, 2015). Different gases or chemicals are combined to allow suspensions to perform their functions. By nature, they are far better and result-oriented than airbags. In order to carry the heavy load, you should pair suspensions with that of duty springs or heavy duty kits. Suspensions are adaptable, tough and easy to adjust. They come in various varieties of stiffness and strength (2010).
Part D—Calculations
Nitrogen is, no doubt, one of the inert gases. Its behavior is considered ideal for an airbag. The ideal-gas law provides us with sufficient information on how to evaluate the reactions taking place within an airbag. It will also give us an idea of the amount of N2 inside the bag, and the equation of ideal-gas law is written as PV = nRT. Here P can be taken as the pressure of air, V is actually the volume in liter, n is the total number of moles, T is considered the temperature and R denote the gas constant (Høye, 2010).
We have used the ideal-gas law in our calculations. The amount of estimated pressure has to be obtained in order to fill the airbags. For this purpose, we will assume that the front side of an airbag has the initial velocity as vi = 0.01 m/s, which can also be

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