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Greatness in Music - Critical Review (Term Paper Sample)

The assignment: Evaluate a live concert program or performance throughout the semester. Following the structures discussed in class during the “Introductory” section of the course, students are asked to compose a full critical evaluation of the chosen program not to exceed 750 words in length. The Critical Review should incorporate, as applicable, many of the recurring threads examined during the semester and show a clear understanding of the values and relative factors inherent within the performance and form/genre being observed. Other ideas such as ethical issues, gender, race and class should be considered within your writing. The objective: The goals of General Education courses include enhancement of writing skills and critical thinking; recognition of ethical issues; development of creative and aesthetic faculties as well as the ability to connect these with reasoning skills; awareness of gender, race, and class issues; and introduction to non-Western cultural traditions. Requirements: One review in any genre of a live concert of the author's choice including popular music, jazz, blues, folk, Non-Western traditions, etc. Basic structure of the critical review: FORMAT: The paper must be typed or word-processed and printed in a legible 12-point standard font (such as Times, New York, or Garamond), one and half or double-spaced with one-inch margins. Bibliography and any other notes should be single-spaced. Please include your name, student ID, e-mail at the top of the first page. LENGTH: approximately two to three typed pages; no more than 750 words. BIBLIOGRAPHY: Attach a bibliography (in proper biographic format) of any and all materials consulted. GENERAL RESEARCH AND ROUGH NOTES: notes showing research and general observations may be provided after the review as a supplemental indicator of your work beyond the written materials submitted. We recognize that the 750-word limit will result in some significant work being excluded. While not required, your research notes will be considered when grading the research and content for each assignment. Style is of definite interest, but always remember that clear thinking leads to clear writing. Pre-write at all times. Letter Grades: A/A- signifies mastery, superior knowledge of the subject, clear communication, without errors in composition, syntax, spelling, or usage. B+/B/B- indicates substantial knowledge and above average work. C+/C/C- indicates average work with some missing elements or inability to communicate your ideas clearly. D+/D/D- reflects below average work, writing with serious errors in usage or style. F given on those occasions when work, if submitted at all, fails to meet a minimum standard. Late Papers: All papers must be submitted by the deadline. No late papers will be accepted except under the circumstances outlined in the course syllabus. Plan in advance for any contingencies, which may occur. *The live concert must be in the Washington DC Metro Area in the given time period, which is from September 1 to December 4. source..

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(December 8, 2011)
Greatness in Music - Critical Review
Labor Day is observed and celebrated on the first Monday of September in 2011 it was on the 5th of September. In Washington DC numerous concerts were held in different locations such as at the U.S. Capitol, Kennedy Center, and Gaylord National Resort. At the Kennedy Center there are numerous live concerts by the National Symphony Orchestra; in addition the concert presents legendary artists from Washington DC like the Godfather Chuck Brown, Sousa and Ellington (Cooper, 2011).
As the people and workers celebrate their achievements socially and economically they can wind their day and recall all the good and bad times. Ethically the people are able to celebrate the achievement they have had in the last year and set new levels to achieve; at least the workers have a day off (Laura, 2009).
At the live concert guests artists perform all genres of music including pop, blues, jazz, non western and folk and the National Symphony Orchestra electrifies the audience with the sweet and rhythmic classical orchestra music. The ensemble of instruments that is composed of brass, string, percussion and woodwind gives the audience a touch of class and rhythm to have a smooth and satisfying dance. This is mainly associated with the upper class in society who loves the fine things in life.
Other included instruments such as the guitar, organ, heckle-phone, harp, saxophone, and flugelhorn give the music a great feel. This is not similar to the pub feeling where the sound is too high and...
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