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Bailey's Stardust by David Bailey (Term Paper Sample)


Hello All, Here are the guidelines for your exhibition presentations for the HOP2 final:Each student will prepare a 5-page paper on a photographic exhibition that has affected the landscape of the medium. The presentation should demonstrate a high level of research that develops a strong argument for the importance and capacity of your selected photography-based exhibition. You cannot just Google the show and write everything down you see! Go to the library, look at the catalog, research articles written about the exhibition. More then one person cannot do the same exhibition, so if you see something you are interested in claim it by emailing me. Some things to address: --The curator of the exhibition, other shows he/she has curated, background etc. --The venue where the exhibition took place --How the show was received in the press at the time and whether or not that reception changed since then. --How the work was installed, if it was a conventional photographic installation, how it worked in the space, if there was significant exhibition design and how this influenced the understanding of the work --The individual artists in the show, if they knew of each other and were playing off each others work, if they were of the same time period/movement, if they were alive or dead. --How the work influenced the history of the medium, subsequent artists/exhibitions that came out of this exhibition or seemed linked to it. Be sure to have GOOD QUALITY images of the exhibition. This may mean checking out a book from the library and photographing it on the copy stand or scanning it. You are welcome to bring catalogs to class but not as a substitute for showing images in your talk. Some possible exhibitions to write about (feel free to propose your own idea but run it by me before you begin) gallery exhibit web address www(dot)npg(dot)org(dot)uk/whatson/bailey/exhibition/php


History of photo: Bailey’s Stardust by David Bailey
David Bailey was a Vogue magazine photographer with his most iconic images taken in the 1960’s and 1970’s. In Bailey’s Stardust, he exhibited some of the images that defined is career, but also his experiences captured as photographs. It is as though high profile personalities and seemingly ordinary people are made from stardust (National Portrait Gallery, 2014). To the 1960’s contemporary photographers and artists, the era was inspiring given the changing realities of news of life across England. Photography is a personal experience and the artist, photographer seeks to communicate a message, and for Bailey the art of photography was an opportunity for self-expression extending. This extended beyond photojournalism while also being inspired by ordinary people despite working closely artists, models and pop icons.
Background of David Bailey
Bailey’s stardust exhibition focuses on the exhibition of David Bailey focusing on photographs of ordinary people in East London and faraway places to Catherine Bailey, artists, musicians well as fashion icons and beauty (National Portrait Gallery, 2014). The exhibition is curated by Bailey, and the photographs span various areas of fashion portraits, photography and reporting. This exhibition is different since it is rare for photographers to self- curate. Even though, the story was presented at the National Portrait Gallery in London, Bailey also curated the art in other areas of the UK including Scotland. Subsequent exhibitions also focused on the same portraits chronicling Bailey’s depiction of fashion icons, exotic travels and other artists.
Reception in the press Initially there was skepticism about the curation given that Bailey was given the freedom to show his enormous exhibition, with Bailey left to chose all the exhibition’s themes. However, the exhibition was well received given that Bailey demonstrated that he had a vision for the exhibition. Bailey’s Stardust not only captures ordinary people, but also depictions of previous photographed celebrities, artists and musicians. The choice of Catherine Bailey’s photographs was more surprising given that it takes a more personal look into Bailey and his wife. The intense focus on these photographs represents a side of Bailey’s that is unknown to the outside world.
Installation of the work
Bailey’s depictions follow his earlier works and he has been known for the people in the photographic portraits. The photography spans more than 50 years, representing largely unaltered pictures of flattering glamorous people. At other times, Bailey forays into other themes that are more intense that raise his credibility, and he achieves this by looking out for faces outside the Western world into the unknown. Bailey still manages to main his signature of black and white portraiture since part of the work was done decades ago. The self-portraits depict the changing themes over the years, and the arrangement of the exhibition shows the design is chosen to show the specific themes. Given that the number of photographs is nearly 300, and the exhibition design allows one to explore the subject matter more intensely.
This is a conventional photographic installation relying on conventional images including black and white icons. Even though, the images are old they have not been reproduced or retouched and this provides a better representation of the age. The color separation of the images shows the changing times especially those depicted by the portraits based on the social scenes. In any case, the thematic structure that made it easier to understand the photographer’s journey. Separating the photographs based on the years photograp...
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