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Effects of Mass Media on Youth’s Health. Statistics Project (Statistics Project Sample)


Please follow the instructions from the attachment and complete the project using Fathom 2 as an assistance.
The instructions for what to do with Fathom:
Use Fathom and the data set to create 5 interesting graphs, either showing a high correlation (in particular if you did not expect one) or a correlation close to zero (when you would have expected a higher one). (Graph tool)
Create a summary table for a single attribute, and one for two attributes. (Preferably ones that you used in the graphs above.
Write two paragraphs on what you observed, and then ask questions you would be interested in having answered. (Use text tool)


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December 18, 2018
Effects of Mass Media on Youth’s Health
In the past few decades, the world has experienced an unprecedented rise in the consumption of social media. A trend that had been caused by an increase in the affordability and accessibility of digital media devices to the public. As according to the 2018 Nielsen Total Audience Report, a typical American adult spends about “11 hours per day listening to, watching, reading, or generally interacting with media” CITATION The18 \l 1033 (The Nielsen Company). This is significantly higher as compared to previous data gathered over the past few years. In line with this, several studies aiming to analyze the effects of excessive media consumption has found out that a correlation between its use and certain illnesses (physical and psychological) exist. 

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