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Factors Affect Online Shopping Economics Statistics Project (Statistics Project Sample)


Please write a analysis paper about the survey "factors affect online shopping". I have attached the assignment sheet, rubric and all the other individual survey projects as additional files.


SURVEY PROJECT ANALYSIS & CONCLUSIONS INSTRUCTIONS & RUBRIC ________/86 POINTS ***Please note that this is an individual assignment. Each student turns in his/her own paper. You may, of course, discuss with your teammates, but you are to write your own analysis and conclusions. Having identical, or even very similar papers will trigger a plagiarism review, not something any of us want! You will be writing your paper in the form of a memo to your boss, describing the market research you have done with your team and the results of that research. Organize your memo EXACTLY as laid out here. Answer the questions exactly as presented. Please do not make me hunt for the required parts – I don't have time, and anything in the wrong place will just be counted as “not present.” I. INCLUDE PROJECT RUBRIC & COPY OF THE SURVEY (1 point) 
 II. INTRODUCTION – 1 paragraph (4 points) 
 Describe the task you were given (i.e. to research the factors that affect [your topic]). BRIEFLY describe how you went about getting information, including the plan, how your team created the survey, the method of data collection (random, convenience, stratified, etc.), how many surveys you ended up with, if you had to throw out any, and an explanation if things didn’t go according to plan. III. ANALYZING THE SAMPLE (3 pts./ question x 8 = 24 points) GRAPHS & BOXPLOTS For each of the questions IN ORDER, include: -- The question (and possible responses, if qualitative), -- The properly titled and labeled graph -- a brief discussion of the distribution of the data. --Is the data evenly distributed or clustered at certain values or groups? --Will this restrict your ability to analyze the data and to generalize from your sample to the general shopping population? Questions #1 and #5 are the questions that discriminate whether people do whatever it is you are studying (buy expensive luggage, shop online, purchase celebrity styles, etc.) IT IS CRITICAL THAT YOU HAVE A WIDE SPREAD OF DATA HERE. If you do not, clearly state what answers you lack data on. For example, you can't see what factors are related to shopping online or not if you only have data from one of the types of shoppers. To be clear, you have collected data from a sample of subjects. You wish to generalize your conclusions to a broader population. However, in some cases, the data you have collected will limit your ability to generalize. For another example, if you had very few males in your sample, you cannot really draw conclusions about men and how they relate to your customer behavior. IV. STATISTICAL ANALYSIS (6 pts./relationship tested x 6 = 36 points) 
 Correlation/Regression: For EACH of the 3 correlations: – The exact questions – Scatterplot w/ trendline, title (Is there are relationship Between ___ & ___ ?), labeled axis. – Null and Alternative Hypothesis, level of significance, degrees of freedom, r-value, t-value, p-value, critical value – Make observations based on the graph and the r value whether a correlation appears strong or weak, negative or positive (regardless of whether you end up accepting or rejecting the null hypothesis). – Result: Accept or reject null? Conclusion: what does this mean specifically – is this factor related to your consumer behavior? Chi-square Test of Independence: For each of the 3 chi-squares: 
 – The exact questions & possible responses – Null and Alternative Hypothesis, level of significance, degrees of freedom, chisquare value (found from your data), critical value – Result: Accept or reject null? Conclusion: what does this mean specifically – is this factor related to your consumer behavior? V. CONCLUSION (1-2 paragraphs) 10 points _________ – What factors, if any, were related to your targeted consumer behavior? – What, if any, restrictions apply to your conclusions (Part III) – How might you use this information to improve sales, for example, targeting (or ignoring) groups of consumers, or, if you had no related factors, speculated on why what did your group miss? Could you rephrase questions or ask different ones? VI. PROFESSIONALISM: GRAMMER & SPELLING 5 points __________ 
 No one is impressed with a misspelled and ungrammatical report. Visit the IDEA CENTER if you feel this will be an issue. 5 pts -- Few or no errors, very professional quality 4 pts -- Noticeable errors, but overall comprehension is not affected 3 pts -- Unprofessional level of writing, comprehension somewhat affected 0-2 pts -- Errors seriously compromise the understanding of the report SURVEY PROJECT RUBRIC NAME:____________________________ POINTS: _______/86 COPY OF SURVEY AND RUBRIC INCLUDED ______/1 pt. INTRODUCTION Task Description Description of methodology ______/1 pt. ______/3 pts. SAMPLE ANALYSIS: Graphs/Boxplots Graph or boxplot on same page as discussion, axes correctly labelled, appropriate title (complete question, and, if qualitative, complete answer responses) Questions: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 ______/8 pts. Discussion of distribution Questions: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 ______/8 pts. Restrictions on analysis or ability to generalize to population Questions: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 ______/8 pts. STATISTICAL ANALYSIS: Correlations (Questions 5&6, 5&7, 5&8) . Scatterplot on same page as discussion with correct title, labelled axes, trend-line Questions: 5&6 5&7 5&8 ______/6 pts. Complete questions listed. Null/Alternative Hypothesis stated specifically Questions: 5&6 5&7 5&8 ______/6 pts. Level of significance, degrees of freedom, r-value, t-value, p-value included Questions: 5&6 5&7 5&8 ______/6 pts. Analysis – characterize correlation (pos/neg/strong/weak) & conclusion (accept/reject null and what that specifically means) Questions: 5&6 5&7 5&8 ______/6 pts. Chi-Square (Questions 1&2, 1&3, 1&4) Complete questions and response choices listed. Null/Alternative Hypothesis stated specifically Questions: 1&2 1&3 1&4 ______/6 pts. Level of significance, degrees of freedom, chi-square value, critical value included Questions: 1&2 1&3 1&4 ______/6 pts. Analysis – conclusion (accept/reject null and what that specifically means) Questions: 1&2 1&3 1&4 ______/6 pts. CONCLUSION Factors significantly related to your targeted consumer behavior ______/3 pts. Restrictions on your conclusions due to limits of data sample ______/3 pts. Use of information ______/4 pts. PROFESSIONALISM ______/5 pts.


The Factors Affect Online Shopping
Customers increasingly purchase goods online and growth in online shopping shows changes in purchasing behavior overtime. There are various factors that influence line shopping, and identifying these factors is necessary to increase online growth and support the customers’ needs. In marketing strategies considering the factors that influence online purchases is taken into account, where demographics and what the shoppers prefer to purchase online are identified. The data was collected for the categories they most preferred to shop, their age range, income and whether they were students. Furthermore, there was information on how many times the online purchasers shopped online per week, the shipments per week, the number of times they went to eat out per week and the number of times they watched movies per week. The correlation/regression and Chi-square test of independence were used to determine the strength of relation of the factors affecting online shopping.
When shopping online, which category do you most prefer to shop?
Among the respondents slightly more than half spent on clothing compared to make-up, accessories and others
What is your age range?
From this chart, the age of 18-25 people ha s the largest number of respondents the age of 31-older is least
What is your income?
From this chart, most of people income less than $20,000, accounts for just over 40% of those who responded while the least people reported the earned $ 60,000 or more
Are you a student?
From this chart, Most of people we surveyed were students.
5) How many times do you shop online per week?

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