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What Factors Affect Coffee Consumption In LA? (Statistics Project Sample)


Please write a analysis paper about the survey "factors affect coffee consumption in LA". I have attached the assignment sheet, rubric and all the other individual survey projects as additional files.
This final paper will eventually look like a 14 or 15-page paper, because you need to paste/or screenshot the survey graphs that I did into paper as well. Thank you.


Survey Analysis
The consumption of coffee has for a long time been associated with good and healthy things. As a stimulant, coffee often helps especially during winter and even when one needs to stay alert while in the middle of something that needs full concentration. This paper provides a detailed analysis of the factors that affect the consumption of coffee in LA. The factors considered for the study include age, relationship status, occupation, income levels and employment status. It also checked on the impact of coffee consumption on the sleeping patterns of the users. The survey covered virtually all the demographics and there was no serious challenge to the data collection and research process.
The results from the statistical calculations clearly showed that the major consumers of coffee were single, although quite a significant percentage was in a relationship. Very few married people from the surveyed sample consumed coffee. This implies that coffee consumption isn’t an element of socialization as generally thought, or as for this case, in L.A. People seem to be taking coffee for various other reasons other than just relationships and socialization. The major source of the coffee consumed in L.A. is from the major companies such as S

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