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Do video games affect the Chinese high school students’ GPA? (Statistics Project Sample)


I have completed 70%, a written report, a ppt of the lecture, the ppt is only used for the theory and analysis part, the other I have completed myself. The written report is the only way to analyze the data and use methods. I will send you the ppt and written report. The data requested by the teacher and collected by us will be sent to you. Then you can see if we have n’t done it according to the requirements.
I’ve done 5 pages, so I just want you to finish the 2 more pages, and you only need to focus on the “Inferential statistics with a null and alternate hypothesis and
Statistical output including a test statistics and p-value” and what method you used it, for example, (An identification of the type of test/method: Average, One proportion, two proportions, Regression, ANOVA, two independent means, or paired means, etc. Nonparametric tests can be done on distributions that are not normal. (Do research on the topics not discussed yet and extra credit can be earned on things not learned)


Do Video Games Affect The Chinese High School Students’ GPA?
Inferential statistics with a null and alternate hypothesis
* H 0: Playing video games does not affect the Chinese high school students’ GPA
* H a: Playing video games affect the Chinese high school students’ GPA
Statistical output including a test statistics and p-value
When considering the) the ANOVA single factor (One-Way ANOVA) for Video Games are addictive (12th grade male and playing video games will affect grade in a negative way ( 12th male) the f-ratio value is 0.0695. The p-value is .7987. The result is not significant at p < .05.

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