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Written Project Assignment. Mathematics & Economics Statistics Project (Statistics Project Sample)


Submission instructions and guidance for the Written Project Assignment
You are required to submit an essay of 2000 words (counting references, graphs and tables) in which you reflect, critique and expand on your mini-research project. Your essay should address the following sections:
•Abstract: Little summary of the study and your findings (150 words, approximately)
•Introduction: research topic and research question, why is important.
•Literature Review: what do we know about this topic, academic papers we have read.
•Methodology: information about population, sample frame, sample size, sampling method. Ethical considerations.
•Analysis: descriptive statistics if necessary (mean, mode, percentages, etc), hypotheses, statistical tests (chi squared test), results
•Discussion: what results mean and implications for policy, practice, educators, researcher.
•Conclusions: limitations and future research
•References: list of academic papers you mention in the essay.
The individual essay will be assessed on the extent to which it:
presents a relevant response to the essay's sections
demonstrates understanding of basic statistical concepts and issues
draws on literature to demonstrate knowledge of quantitative methods theory/research
is well-written and well-presented, e.g. in terms of structure, clarity, referencing and language conventions.
P.S: Use the datasets provided in the attach profile and come up with a topic.


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The life satisfaction of children is known to have significant effects on their personal and professional achievements; thus, understanding the factors that affect the satisfaction domains are important in improving an individual's well-being. This paper aims to study the perceived satisfaction levels of children in England. The dataset of Main, Bradshaw & Rees (2016) of the Children's Society from their study Children's Worlds Survey: England, 2013-2014 was used for analysis. Specifically, the 8 to 9-year-old age group (N= 906, boys=433, girls=472) dataset was used to analyze the perceived satisfaction levels of children. Using the Chi-Square test for Independence, it was determined that satisfaction is dependent on the child's positive personal relationship with other people including family, friends, and other acquaintances (X2 (12) = 154.56, p < 0.05.). Additionally, the gender of the child significantly affects their subjective satisfaction on personal relationships (X2 (12, boys) = 75.67, p < 0.05; X2 (12, girls) = 86.94, p < 0.05).

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