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Project - Q 9 and 10: The Top 100 Retailers (Statistics Project Sample)


Appendix Data
a. Who, what, when, where...
b. Plus variable list with variable label in data file
c. Coding of variable (metrics or coding or dummy coding)
Appendix Figures
Figures, graphics, tables, output of analysis using software.
Labeled and identifies; refer to them Text of Discussions.
I am working for Question 9 and 10


Project - Q 9 and 10
9. Appendix Data

a. Who, what, when, where...

The Top 100 Retailers 2015 focuses on 2014 retail sales in the US, worldwide and growth in both markets in 201. StatCruch provided the data based on dataset comes from the National Retail Federation, which tracks the 100 top retail chains in the US and provides insights on retailing trends. The sales include online sales and Walmart is not only the biggest retailer in the US, but also got almost a third of sales revenue from outside the US.

b. Plus variable list with variable label in data file
The 2014 Retail Sales ($ Million), USA Sales Growth % ('14 v '13), Worldwide Retail Sales ($ Million) and USA % of Worldwide Sales are all numeric variables and scale measures, whi

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