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Database project (Statistics Project Sample)

Students first complete an exercise (see attached file) which leads them through the steps of creating a database. Using this experience and what they have learned in the course, students develop an object-based data model for a given business situation. The model should include the objects, their attributes and their relationships. Each object and attribute should have a description, with the data format and parameters (limits, steps, etc) specified for the attributes. The model will include a written description of why the objects were selected. The data model will be implemented in a database in 3rd Normal form with sample data and a means of adding and accessing data. Can you be able to do this project? I will upload the full information in details. Thanks, source..

Database Design
November 17, 2011
Purpose of Database:
This database is for simulating the Telecommunications Industry where customer details of a particular network are stored along with the necessary call details of the customer made to different numbers. This is important to keep track of the calls that the customer has made within a given span of time and then carrying out analysis on it.
Data Model Design
The Data Model is comprised of three tables.
The Customer table contains entire information of the customer, his name, address, city he belongs to, gender (female or male), the MSISDN (which is the phone number of the customer or the number from which the customer is making calls), IMSI (this is the unique phone code of the customer which allows the calls to be traced back to his phone. This is usually stored inside the sim that a customer uses), Year when he activated his name, whether he churned or not (that is, was ever inactive in last 60 days on the network in terms of making any calls or sms) and his category (that is, is he a bronze or silver etc. This category is in accordance with the revenue that he earns for the company. If he earns high revenue then he is a ‘Platinum`). Here the CustomerID is the primary key which is the unique identification of each customer. This is different from IMSI as it is system generated.
The Package Table contains the details of the package that a customer might have subscribed to within the network. That includes the package name, ID of customer which has subscribed to that package, the call on which that package was used, the date when the package was subscribed by the customer and whether he earned any discount on that package. Here package ID is the primary key of the table.
The call Details table contain all the information of the call that a customer makes at a given date. It includes type of call (whether it is a SMS or a voice call), Duration of the call (since sms is a text therefore its duration is 0), whether any package is subscribed, number of calls made by a subscriber to a particular number, The B number (that is, the number to which the call was made or SMS was send), the revenue earned by the call made, whether it is a local or international call, the ID of the customer who has made the call (this along with CallID is the prim...
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