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Statistics for health care research (Statistics Project Sample)

Exercise 31 1) Read Exercise 31 in Statistics for health care research: a practical workbook. 2) Complete the study questions about the reading. 3) Check your answers to the study questions. 4) Copy and paste the Exercise 31: Questions to be Graded from page 236 into a word document. a) Complete the questions on the document and place the document in the assignment drop box. Or, as an alternative, you can b) Print the page out, and complete the questions by hand (make sure your answers are legible). Scan your completed paper and place the document in the assignment drop box. 5) In order to receive full credit on calculated answers, please show your work. (Use Word\'s equation editor, etc., and/or provide a short written description as to how you obtained the final result.) 6) Submit the assignment to the instructor by the end of Module 3. Hypothesis Excel Worksheet 1) Refer to \"Hypothesis Excel Worksheet\" located within the Additional Resources folder in Canyon Connect. 2) Answer the questions on the Excel document. Please show the caculation methods on the work shee. i am going to email bothy forms to work on. source..
Statistics fro health care research Student name School name Questions to be graded Q 1. The two groups whose results are reflected in tables 2 and are: The prettest group and The post test group. The conditions of patients are compared to conditions after administering treatment. The group is subjected to health promotion programs. The differences before and after treatment is compared in order to assess the impact on subjects of study. Q 2. The t= 4.14 for total risk score in table 2 represents the greatest relative differences between the prettest and 3 months results. This t – value have got an asterisk (*) next to it in table 2, making it statistically significant. This asterisk in meant to direct the reader to the footnotes where the asterisk is said to represent p<0.05 which is the least acceptable value for statistical significance. Q 3. The t= 1.03 for health responsibility in table number 3 represents the smallest relative difference between pretest and 3 months outcomes. Since the t- value has no asterisk adjacent to it in table 3, it means that it is not statistically significant at 5% level of significance which is the least accepted value for statistical significance. This asterisk is supposed to guide the reader to the footnotes at the bottom of the table where asterisk is said to represent p<0.05. Q. 4 Assumptions for conducting a t- test for dependant groups The distribution of the scores is normally or approximately normally distributed The dependent variables are measured at intervals or ration levels. The groups being examined for differences are dependant based on matching or subjects serving as their own control. The differences between the paired scores are independent In this study, assumption number c was met This is because the group of study was matched for their age, sex and diagnosis. In terms of age, the whole 21 subjects were old women with an average mean age of 77 years. In terms of matching diagnosis, 90% of the group was diagnosed with one or more chronic illness. This also applies to the matching of their health status. Q 5. In comparing the 3 and 6 months outcome for exercise variable in table we note that The t-value reduced significantly from t=-7.75* to t=-3.93* That in both cases the results were statistically significant There was reduction in mean standard deviation from 2.58 to 2.29 Implications The large t ratio of t=-7.75* indicates large differences in exercise level from pretest to 3 months which was statistically significant. Reduced to t=-3.93 implying that though there was a statistically significant reduction in differences in exercise level among the sample group in the in the...
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