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Introduction to Health Statistics (Statistics Project Sample)


BHS220 Introduction to Health Statistics


Introduction to Hypothesis Testing

For the fourth component of the Session Long Project, write a 2- to 3-page essay in which you:


1  Develop a null hypothesis and an alternative hypothesis based on the data you have collected.

2  Discuss why you have chosen the hypotheses you developed above. Be sure to discuss the concept of null hypothesis in your response.


Module 5 – SLP (DUE 4/20) (if I need to resubmit a request for this specific assignment let me know….Thanks)

Drawing Inference about Population Means and Proportions

Having developed the null and alternative hypotheses in the previous module, write a 2-3 page essay in which you:

1) Identify a test statistic to help you assess the evidence against the null hypothesis you developed in the previous module.

2) Explain why you have chosen the specific test statistic. Include in your discussion description of the test statistic.

3) Summarize your findings by creating a summary graph in which you display your data.

4) Discuss the total number of measurements (sample size), the possibility for measurement error, and whether it is large enough to paint an accurate picture.


Introduction to Health Statistics
A hypothesis is a prediction about the relationship between variables, and as such to establish the proposition, there are tests to determine if the association exists (Rossi, 2010). The data collected was related to calories burned for different sessions following participation in physical exercises or physical activities. As such, to establish whether the hypothesized propositions are correct, the outcomes are tested. Calories burned are relevant to indicating weights changes since body weight is dependent on calories intake and calorie expenditures. As such, there is an assumption that if there are more calories burned then this will indicate weight loss with a view meant to remain physically fit and reduce the risk of lifestyle diseases.
Ho: (Null hypothesis) the duration of physical actives and intensity make no difference on calories burned compared to the no exercise condition
H1: (Alternative hypothesis) the duration of physical actives and intensity result to faster calories burned compared to the no exercise condition
The null hypothesis shows that there is no relationship between the variables being investigated, while the alternative hypothesis shows that there is a relationship. If one accepts the null hypothesis they...
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