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Inferential Statistics (Statistics Project Sample)



Discussion Board


This module focuses on inferential statistics. As a reminder, inferential statistics are used to determine the probability that a conclusion based on analysis of data from a sample is true (Norman & Streiner, 2008).


The purpose of this discussion is to show the various types of hypotheses, how to identify them in an article and the importance of “significance” and a p-value.


For this discussion:

1    Using a peer-reviewed article of your choice, focused on a health study…

  • Identify the Ho and H1

Identify and explain what “significance” is in a general sense and in your chosen article. Be sure to discuss the p-value.



Inferential Statistics
Date of Submission
Al-Harasi et al., (2010) made a publication titled “Hypnosis for Children Undergoing Dental Treatment (Review).” The authors wanted to investigate the effectiveness of hypnosis for behavior management of children under dental care. Consequently, Al-Harasi et al., (2010) used statistical techniques to make conclusions from their study. For instance, Al-Harasi et al., (2010) used hypothesis testing and the level of significance in their study. The upcoming paragraph identifies the null and alternative hypothesis in addition to describing and identifying the significance of the s...
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