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Discussion Post and Reflective/ Integrative Concept (Statistics Project Sample)


Please include the first page as the Discussion Post Assignment. The second and third page should be the second part of the assignment, which is the reflective and integrative concept essay. I will include an attachment of the discussion post assignment and the reflective essay assignment portion. They are separate (totaling three pages). Use a source if you choose to. I included the topics that was a part of the statistics syllabus. Use one page for the discussion post only and the other two pages for the reflective message. Thank you!


Discussion Post and Reflective/ Integrative Concept

Health care is quite expansive and more so for the registered nurses. There is a lot to learn and implement as a registered nurse, as one tries to make sure that all the decisions made are towards making sure that patients get the best health care possible. It is interesting to note that, statistics play a major role in the health care sector and are the main driver in developing health care policies and modifying health care practices to fit within the required health outcomes and objectives of the patient, health care professional and the government officials. One of the main concepts that I have learnt through the 12 weeks of the course material is the fact that, statistics are quite crucial and play a vital role in the health care delivery as a nurse. It was also interesting to know that, health statistics of a certain population, when analyzed alongside certain parameters and objectives will yield results that will define the direction and change in health practices.
By studying the health statistics of the population in a country, health careorganizations can come up withthe medical strategies to solve intricate problems within the society now and those looming in the future. Understanding descriptive statistics is also one of the aspects that have subtle significance in health care delivery. After the data is collected and analyzed in light of the central limit theorem, understanding when data is skewed positively, negatively or is just normal is important. This plays a major role in understanding how the study population is affected by a certain health related issue. For health care professionals, this skews can easily be interpreted and help in redefining the health care practices. As a registered nurse, understanding the need for statistical analysis and appreciating the results of analyzed data is the core of quality health care. Whether one is trying edge out their career path or redefining their practices and values, health care statistics play central role to the future of health care delivery.
Integration and reflection
Through the course of the material that I learned in this class, there are some very insightful aspects that now form the basis of my knowledge and that will help me become a better registered nurse in the future. One of the as...
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