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National Football League. NFL Summary (Statistics Project Sample)

Case Study-NFL Summarize/analyze data in written form source..

NFL Summary
The National Football League data for the 2007 Season shows the number of the participating teams was 32. The team with the highest point was New England Patriots with an overall 36.8 points. It was ahead of the last team (San Francisco 49ers which had 13.7 points overall) with 23.1points and all the other 30 teams fall between. From the data, we can see that the season was very competitive as there are a number of teams that have less than 10 points behind the top most team. Majority of the teams have however scored more than 20 points. The average mean score for all the teams is 21.6 points.
New England Patriots seems to have done exemplary well in the yards game as it is the only team that has been able to hit over 400 points. The other teams have also not been left far behind with only a few of the teams not hitting 300 points. There is close competition for majority of the teams whose scores are in close range. There was high competition from a number of teams, the range between the highest and most of the teams is less than 100 points although the team with the lowest points is considerably far below the others.
While San Francisco 49ers is behind in other columns, it has managed to beat a few teams in the rushing yards. In this category, Minnesota Vikings has pushed the points way above all other teams with 164.6 points followed by Jacksonville Jaguars with 149.4 points. Majority of the teams fell between 115 and 135 points.
In the passing yards column, there seems to have been a very close competition. The range is not very significant for most of the teams. New England Patriots once again scores the highest mark for passing yards. It is closely followed by Green Bay Packers with 270.9 points. In this column, there is no strong competition this is evident from the relatively big gaps between the points.
All the teams have had a considerable number of penalties. The highest is Arizona Cardinals with 137 penalties and the lowest from Seattle Seahawks with only 59 penalties. The average number of penalties for all the teams is 91 penalties. This is not a very big deviation from the top team and the lowest of the teams. However, there is a very big disparity in the penalty yards column. Arizona Cardinals has 1,128 penalty yards while the team with the lowest number is New York Jets managing only 486. There is a big range between the highest and the lowest.
In general, the teams are very close in basis of the overall poin...
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