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Construction of a Master bath to an existing home (Statistics Project Sample)


Complete a 3 page project on adding a full bathroom to an already existing home. Double space; one inch margins all around, Times New Roman with 12 font. Written in APA manual 6th ed formation Minimum of 2 references. 1. Define the project using characteristics that are common to most projects. 2. Delineate measures of project success and failure (describe in general, be sure to apply it specificall to project.) 3. State common reason for project failure or success 4. Describe major activities and deliverables at each project life cycle stage. 5. Identify key project roles and describe responsibilities for each. 6. Refer to Microsoft Project and development of work breakdown structure (WBS) and sicuss in paper. Submit the MS Project file as a seprarate attachment. 7. List and describe several issues that pertain to each of the ten areas of the project management body of knowledge (PMBOK). PMBOK ATTACHED.


Construction of a Master bath to an existing home
Project characteristics
A project requires organized efforts, and definition of a beginning and ending sets the limits on the time required. Nonetheless, elaboration of details and the work schedule is necessary for completion of the project. Time and resources are the main limiting factors to the successful completion of a project (Kloppenborg, 2011).
This is the schedule that defines how long a project takes, where one uses past experience and requirements to assess how long the project will take. This project will carry on from 29th September 2014 to 31th December 2014.
The scope takes into account aspects that are included or excluded from the project, and clarity in the scope reduces ambiguity and risks involved in the project. The scope of the project is guide by schedule to ensure clarity.
The cost implications are projected before the start of the project and integrated into the budget. In the additional of a full bath, hours to develop various features and finishing the bath are taken into account. This includes the cost of installation, labor cost and physical costs of the bathroom. The estimated costs are $30,000 but are likely to be higher by $10,000 to $15,000.
Measures of project success and failure
The measures of success and failure in projects depend on whether the project is completed as per the specifications and requirements (Kloppenborg, 2011). A successful project is one that is completed by the time it is due. The budget is an important aspect as money allocated for the project should meet the projects, and hence success relates to sticking to the budget and carrying out the project within the stipulated time. Where possible, tracking customer satisfaction, helps to identify whether the project is successful. The quality of work is important, as it results to customer satisfaction, and it is easier to make adjustments in future without incurring heavy costs (Uher & Loosemore, 2003). Delivery of quality work is a selling point to attract more customers.
Reasons for project failure or success
Kloppenborg (2011), highlights the following as causes of a successful project
Projects that create deliverables as agreed
Outputs that please customers and customers can use outputs effectively
Project completed on schedule, budget as well as completion without heroics
People undertaking the task should use their knowledge and learn more skills to falcate improvement on future projects.
Causes of project failure
Lack of enough resources and time allocated to the project
Lack of clear project objectives and proper planning
Disagreement on expectations as well as changes in scope.
Activities and deliverables at cycle stages
In the initiation stage, the project is defined, focusing on reasons to initiate the project (Uher & Loosemore, 20...
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