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English 236 Royalty by Anita Desai: What is the Role of Food Imagery in Understanding Indian Culture and Delhi Surroundings in the Story Royalty? (Speech Presentation Sample)


The story and instructions are already attached. According from the instructions, please highlight, bold, underline, and annotated the points on the paper. Also write down explanation to whatever you highlight, bold, underline, and annotated.


Introduction: Throughout this semester, I have encouraged you to read actively and preview, highlight, and annotate the stories we read for the class. This assignment will ask you to demonstrate this activity to the class by discussing the importance of a particular passage within a short story.

Task: you will do the following:

  • Read your assigned story and discuss which passages you see as most important.
  • Pick a passage of between approximately 100 and 200 words. This passage should be interesting and significant and yield interesting observations when examined more closely.
  • Type out the passage and include the page number at the end.
  • As a group, highlight and annotate the passage illustrating the aspects that you find more important. Please write legibly as we will put your passage up on the overhead projector for the class to see.
  • At the bottom of your passage, please write at least one discussion question relating to the passage that you would like the class to answer.

During the presentation, you should read the passage aloud and describe what you observed in the passage. Try to help the class understand it more thoroughly. You may want to consider the following questions:

  • Which word choices are particularly important?
  • Why is this passage important within the larger story? Is it a turning point?
  • Are there interesting or significant traits that distinguish this passage? Interesting description? Unique tone or style? An important use of a particular point of view?
  • Does the passage illustrate any of John Gardner’s definitions of fiction?

Royalty by Anita Desai
“And then there was another extraordinary, a young man with hair like a nest of serpents, you know, and when he understood I would not eat a “two-egg mamlet” offered to me by this incredibly ragged and totally sooty little urchin with a tin tray under his arm, nor even a “one-egg mamlet” to please him or anyone, this marvelous person leapt down from the bunk above my head, and shot out of the door – oh, I assure you we were at a standstill in the most desolate little station imaginable, for no reason I could see or guess at if I cudgeled my brains ever so ferociously – and then he returned with a basket overflowing with fruit, a positive cornucopia. Sarla you have fainted with bliss! Never did you see such fruit; oh, nowhere, nowhere on those mythical farms of California, certainly, worked on by those armies of the exploited from the sad lands to the south, I assure you, Ravi, such fruit as seemed a reincarnation of the fruit one ate as a child, stole, you know, from the neighbour’s orchard, fruit one ate hidden in the ...
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