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Oral Presentation: Alcohol consumption (Speech Presentation Sample)


Hi I have an ORAL PRESENTATION for one of the final project you prepared for me order # 00027379 tomorrow at 2pm ( Thursday 08, 2014 ) at 2PM the professor gave us about 3-5 minutes of the oral presentation via phone , please see attached final project please send ASAP. here is what the professor wants us to do : Sample Outline A five-part speech outline looks like this: I. Introduction. About 10 percent of your time can be spent on the introduction. A brief story, an interesting example or statistic, or a startling statement, quotation, or illustration can work well as an introduction. II. Thesis sentence. This item represents the main idea of your entire speech. It also expresses the central purpose of your speech. III. Body of the speech. About 85 percent of your time will be spent on the body of the speech. A preview of the main ideas in the body of the speech can be a good transition from the thesis sentence to the body itself. The body of the speech usually has between two a nd five main subsections. This example has four main subdivisions. A. First main subdivision 1. Supporting material for A 2. Supporting material for A B. Second main subdivision 1. Supporting material for B 2. Supporting material for B 3. Supporting material for B C. Third main subdivision 1. Supporting material for C 2. Supporting material for C D.Fourth mainsubdivision 1. Supporting material forD 2. Supporting material forD 3. Supporting material forD IV. Conclusion. About 2 to 5 percent of your time will be used for the conclusion. A brief review of A, B, C, and D; the thesis sentence; and the introduction. Thank you

Course: English Comp I
Date: 04/20/2014
“Do you think alcohol consumption has an effect on the fetus? For those of you who have the answers, I do not need them because that is a personal opinion. I would appreciate if every one considers that a pregnant woman exchanges blood with her child. Therefore, her consumption alcohol implies the same alcohol is absorbed into the blood stream and into the fetus. I will use this opportunity to demonstrate that even though some studies prove that alcohol consumption during pregnancy could harm fetus, different studies prove otherwise.
First, it is common knowledge that alcohol consumption during pregnancy could have fatal effects on the fetus. This is evidenced by the reality that it could result in health complication for the fetus. For instance, the consumption of alcohol could damage the fetus’ nervous system or developing organs. The Fetal alcohol disorder is an example of a health condition brought about by the consumption of alcohol during pregnancy. Facial deformities, weak muscles, intelligence, and speech problems, abnormal learning ...
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