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Kindle fire and Kindle apps vs. I pad 3 MKT plane (Speech Presentation Sample)

Kindle fire and kindle apps vs. I pad 3 We are a teem presenting as Amazon marketing teem. My part is SWAT analysis Please do SWAT comparison/analysis for Kindle fire and kindle apps vs. I pad 3 to show the superiority & drawback of kindle to I pad, this is marketing class, and we are a teem presenting a marketing plane, my part is the SWAT analysis should be (4~5 minutes speech), so you are here doing only part of the speech, so no intro, no conclusion. Please use simple/clear English, more like a bullet points. Put in your mind market share, opportunities $$$ ets this analysis should convincing the border of director to invest in our marketing plan. Use whatever you want of recourses as long as it accurate, YouTube, Amazon … etc. no paper style is needed. source..
Differences between Ipad 3 Mkt plane and Kindle Fire
Kindle Fire is a version of a computer of kindle e-book reader of It operates using Google's Android system version. Ipad 3 is a device that acts like a mobile that has a browse web, virtual keyboard, reads e-books, receive and write email, weighs seven hundred grams and view photos and movies in a screen smaller than laptop screen by thirty percent.
In terms of cost, kindle fire costs two hundred dollars whereas Ipad 3 costs four hundred and ninety nine dollars. Size also is another consideration between the two whereby the kindle fire is smaller in size than Ipad3. Watching of movies on the Ipad is a problem compared to watching a movie of the kindle fire. Despite the fact, that the screen of Ipad being significantly large, customers do not prefer watching their movies on Ipad 3 phones.
On the side of storage capacity and its wireless capabilities, the kindle fire phone is well connected to many wireless capabilities. On the other hand, we only have extremely small models of Ipad, which can access cellular networks besides the Wi-Fi. Ipad phones are well in function than the kindle fire ones. More can be done using Ipad, for example, use of the camera and the microphone only if it has the four gigabytes version, which again limits its application and; therefore, marketing. On the web, kindle displays flash of se...
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