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Describe Policy Issue: Legal Immigration Into America (Speech Presentation Sample)


identify a specific policy issue in a country of your choosing to advocate for a policy change.  And then prepare a short, 5-minute presentation on what the problem is (the problem statement), your recommendations, some of the stakeholders, and how you would go about doing it.  This is what I will be doing in my lecture class on the issue of U.S.-Cuba policy change, so it should be clearer after lecture.  And then in recitation each of you will be asked to make brief presentations on that topic.   The policy issue you identify can be anything, but it has to be one that requires government action of some sort--regulatory change, a foreign policy change, a legal reform, a shift in budget priorities. I'd strongly encourage some of you to look at immigration, but it can be any topic that really grabs your attention and interest: pollution control, recycling, pension reform, or taxing sugary drinks.


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Policy Issue
The policy issue I will focus on is to curb legal immigration into America through proposing a policy change of skills-based immigration system. There is a high level of immigration in the United States; for instance, every year, a large number of Mexicans and Cuban moves into America and this negatively affects the American economy. Although immigrants assimilate faster within the U.S. compared to diverse European nations, immigration policies have become a very contentious issue in the United States. Whereas most of the debates revolve around cultural concerns, the economic impacts of immigration are vibrant: economic analysis has discovered that inflows of Cuban labor have greatly reduced employments or American’s Salary. This is the case because there is cheap labor force due to increased population.
The immigration pol

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