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Why We Shouldn't Drink Soda: Healthy Substitutions (Speech Presentation Sample)


This is a persuasive speech that will be presented to the class. Make strong arguments on why we shouldn't drink soda, causes of drinking soda/ healthy substitutions.


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Why shouldn't you drink soda? If drinking soda is one of your habits, you must pause and think what you are putting in your body every time you take sips. Soda has been around for a few years; you must be thinking why, if it's bad for health, you haven't died so far. The fact is that one bottle of soda contains loads of calories and can make you obese in a couple of weeks. Compared to fresh juices and milk, sodas contain synthetic additives, refined sweeteners, and a variety of toxins that are never meant to be inside your body. Anyone who is conscious about his health and wants to get rid of obesity should stay away from soda. Beyond those so many calories, soda contains fructose corn syrup, which disturbs the blood circulation in your body (Veerman 2017).
Diabetes patients think that they are doing themselves a favor by drinking diet sodas. They might not have heard about the new Purdue University research that links

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