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School Bully Speech Writing Assignment (Speech Presentation Sample)


-Engage the audience with a hook
-Write an outline for yourself and do not read
-Make eye contact with your audience
-Use a visual or prop if you can
-Have a set beginning (hook) and end (tie back to hook if possible)


School Bully Speech
School Bullying may target one student or group of students who are harassed by the perpetrator (s) over time.
Do you know that bullying is assaulting, intimidating or humiliating other people, it can happen through cell phones, in person, in writing, at school, in the neighborhood, on some transport, at home or even on social networks? Bullying in schools is a problem that needs to be addressed to improve outcomes in schooling, learning and teaching students to respect each other.
Main Idea (2-3)
(1) Supporting open communication and dealing with school bullying is necessary to deal with the problem.
Being victimized by bullying, we keep quiet, the best thing is to tell our teachers they will know how to act and they take action. For instan

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