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How emotions work Literature & Language Speech Presentation (Speech Presentation Sample)


Informative speech
Think about what you are interested in learning about, what may be handy for the audience to learn more about, and what you want for the audience.
Apply the concept, model, term or technique to something like a career, a specific situation, a general guideline, or just explain it thoroughly.

Work on the parts of your speech in increments (main point 1, introduction, main point 2) separately, so that you know how you are doing on time.
You will need to find at least three sources (one of which must be an academic journal article), use at least one visual aid (it can be a powerpoint, a short video of less than 20-seconds, a picture, etc.) You can use more than one visual aid, of course, but make sure you can effectively use them. You can have more sources if you like.



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How Emotions Work
Emotions are an inseparable part of the way human being interact, feel, communicate, and make sense of different phenomenon or experiences. You can find as many definitions of emotions as you may desire. To be more specific, I would say that emotion is culturally defined (Serrat 330). Emotions can be good or bad depending on how they are measured by the 'yardstick' used by a particular culture. In today's speech, considering time constraints, I am not going to explore the differences of perceptions across cultures regarding emotions. Rather, I will stick to the importance of finding an emotional balance while interacting with others with a focus on its all-encompassing impact from personal to practical life.
When it comes to tuning the emotions to the right balance, the term that comes into mind is 'emotional intelligence'. Before I proceed any further, let me unfold to you what EI means. A person can control their or other's emotions while faced by a given situation (Serrat 339). To understand, how control and tactfully managing the emotions work, it is fundamental to look into the possible implications of an unleashed reaction. What people do in most situation, though unwisely, is swinging between two extremes. They are never happy or sad; they are overjoyed or ruined (Szczygieł and Mikolajczak 177). This is what you may term as an uncontrolled expression of emotions. Key benefits of EI are illustrated in the figure below:

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