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News Discussion Leader, The Global Marketplace (Speech Presentation Sample)


Select five pieces of news relevant to digital media and technology and present them to the class. It is recommended that you select news that happen within two weeks prior to your presentation date.
In addition to the oral presentation, you will submit a report with the five news URLs via Blackboard for grading. To submit the report via Blackboard, click on the Assignments tab in the left-hand column on the Blackboard, click on “Assignment 5. News Discussion Leader, due according to the sign-up sheet,” and click on the “Browse My Computer” button to attach your report, and click on the “Submit” button to submit it.
You will present on the date you sign up to do this assignment, and the report is due the same day.
Resources (from the syllabus):
I would like to share with you some great online resources to find news about digital media and technology. You can present news found elsewhere as long as it is about digital media and technology.
1) Social media:
• Mashable:
• Lost Remote:
• Social Times:
2) Products and technology:
• Gizmodo:
• Digital Trends:
• TechCrunch:
3) Others great sources:
• Mediabristro
• Poynter:
• Nieman Journalism Lab:
• Adweek:
• Advertising Age:
• Ziff-Davis' ZDNet:


News Discussion Leader
As the global future is developing, everything will soon depend on technology. The internet has become a global marketplace that provides a vast array of opportunities. New digital media publications have popped up with intensity. It is not surprising to see the changes made by print magazines and dailies to revamp, rebrand and work continuously to stay relevant (Abbruzzese 4). Publishers have realized the need to adapt to changing trends. Recent announcement made by Google to offer an olive branch to publishers as a way to attract subscribers and change how articles can be accessed has received mixed reactions from publishers (Abbruzzese 3).
People are quickly turning to digital platforms to consume news, with limited technological skills. There is the need to address users' knowledge of the new technology as people shift to the digital world (Abbruzzese 5). Digital technology is expected to provide users with accurate and up to date content, which is not found in traditional media outlets. It is not surprising that CNN mobile app and Apple News alert are commonly being used (Abbruzzese 4).
Text-based content on voice-driven platforms enable people to access stories that have been published. Automated voice stories posted on websites enable publishers like The Post produce audio content to attract many people. Automated voice stories are is an example of how technology is revolutionizing several se

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