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Introductory Speech: Main Point Early Life and Experiences (Speech Presentation Sample)


I'm zhou Li, I come from China. I was growing up in beijing China. Beijing was a beautify city. I came U.S. for studying almost two years. I have a brother, he is three years older than me. He also studies in U.S. My major is biology. I have a lot more interests such as the Chinese brush writing, swimminging, and playing ping-pong. For example, I began to learn the Chinese brush writing since I was ten years old and now I am good at writing. in the free time I also like read book and play piano.

Introductory Speech
I. Introduction
Attention Grabber: Do you really know who you are, and how do peoples expectations affect you?
Preview Main Points: I will delve into my early life in China, my school life in America and my interests.
My early experiences have shaped who I am, and I still get to male life changing choices.
II. Main Point – Early life and experiences
Sub-Point A: I grew up in Beijing, the capital city of China and my stay in the US has been nothing but amazing.
Sub-Point B: My brother who is three years older than me is also studying in the US, and his advice and support made it easier to fit in the country.
Now that I have chosen, I seek to contribute to the life sciences and learn more
III. Main Point – Biology/ interests
Sub-Point: I am interested in biology and seek to further my studies in the biological studies, and hav...
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