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WeWork Strategy. Business & Marketing Speech Presentation (Speech Presentation Sample)


it's a speech presentation.
Our new clients, WeWork’s CEO Sandeep Mathrani and COO Shyam Gidumal, will be coming in the week of March to discuss the company’s future. Its senior leadership is especially concerned with improving its public perception following the fallout with Adam Neumann and reconciling its sustainability mission with significant investments from the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund (PIF).
Plan to speak with them for three to five minutes about how the company can improve its sustainability image. You should research a company that has successfully marketed itself as sustainable and pitch something similar for WeWork’s new strategy. You’ll also need to demonstrate you understand how the company’s mission, its current and future investors, and its shareholders would, or would not, benefit from new marketing and investment strategies.


Student Name
WeWork Strategy Speech
Thank you CEO Sandeep Mathrani and COO Shyam Gidumal for coming. I am happy to discuss with you the future of WeWork. I believe that our discussion would be fruitful and hence beneficial to your company. Given the potential in your company, the challenges that have faced your company recently have created a negative public image of your firm. However, this meeting will assist in addressing these issues to come up with a solution for the future growth of the company.
Seeking an Alternative Funding
Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund (PIF) has made significant investments in your company. Saudi Arabia, through SoftBank Vision Fund, offered $8.4 billion of funding to WeWork which raises questions regarding the commitment of this company towards sustainability. 

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