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Speech On The Company Rolls Royce Motorcars (Speech Presentation Sample)


Must prepare a 1000 word speech on the company Rolls Royce Motorcars which is assignment 3 in the attachment, instructions are also provided in it.
Also have to do a few question and answers in assignment 4 of which pictures are also attached which is also based on Rolls Royce Motor Cars Ltd


Student Name
Rolls Royce
Assign #4
Part A: The Company you are selling for:
Your Name: {Insert your name}
Company Name: Rolls Royce Motor Cars Ltd
3 Features and corresponding benefits of the product
* Responsive when driving. It is enjoyable to drive because it responds quickly.
* Safe. The manufacturer has improved the safety of the car
* Comfortable. The model has been enhanced to ensure that it is comfortable for the driver and the passengers.
The competition for my company is Bugatti, with Bugatti Chiron
Competitor Advantages
* Bugatti Chiron can reach a top speed of 420 km/h while Rolls Royce Phantom 2019 only reaches 240 km/h.
* Bugatti Chiron can reach 0-100 kmph in 2.5s while Rolls Royce Phantom 2019 does so in 5.6s
* Bugatti Chiron has 16 cylinders which give it more horsepower compared to Rolls Royce Phantom 2019 which has only 12 cylinders.
Competitor Disadvantages
* Bugatti Chiron is more expensive compared to Rolls Royce Phantom 2019
* The mileage the Bugatti Chiron Petrol is 6 kmpl while that of the Rolls Royce Phantom Petrol is 9.8 kmpl.
* Bugatti Chiron uses more fuel compared to Rolls Royce Phantom 2019.
Part B: The Company you are selling to:
Company Name: Brookfield Asset Management Inc.
Company Address: Brookfield Place, Suite 300 181 Bay Street Toronto, ON M5J 2T3 +1 416 363 9491
Prospect’ Name: Bruce Flatt
Prospects Title: Chief Executive Officer
Details of the Prospect Company.
Brookfield Asset Management Inc. is an alternative asset management company. It was founded in 1899 by William Mackenzie and Frederick Stark Pearson. It is headquartered in Brookfield Place, Toronto, Canada. The company has a revenue of $56 billion in 2018 (Brookfield Asset Management Inc. np). It has a total of 80,000 operating employees and 800 professionals. The company has 2,000 assets across 30 countries on 5 continents (Brookfield Asset Management Inc. np). Brookfield Asset Management Inc. plans to continue expanding to more countries in order to grow its business.
4 problems the Prospect has
1 The CEO needs to drive a luxurious car. Rolls Royce Phantom 2019 is a luxurious car that a CEO of a big company like Brookfield Asset Management Inc deserves to drive.
2 The car the CEO drives is not safe enough. Rolls Royce Phantom 2019 has various safety features lane deviation sensors, parking sensors, night vision enhancement system among other safety features
3 The current car the CEO has is old. Rolls Royce Phantom 2019 is the latest model hence the CEO will enjoy driving a new car model
4 The current car of the CEO is not convenient enough. Rolls Royce Phantom 2019 has features to ensure that the user gets convenient he/she needs. The car has cargo area light, assist handle on the front, storage in the front seat, power window among other features.
Possible concerns of the Prospect customer
1 The client may consider the cost of the car to be too high
2 The car is not electric and the client would prefer an electric car
3 The design of the car may not satisfy the client
4 The client may raise issues with the inability of the car to exceed 190 mph.
More information about the Prospective company
In 2018, Brookfield Asset Mana

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