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Employee Performance mangement (Speech Presentation Sample)

dear writter , please i would like you to make a presintaion on the topic of employee preformance mangement,, The quesiton is : **critically appraise the preformance evaluation /measurement system(s)with reference to a workplace? i will attach you some resources from the lecture presintaion which it will help you alot >> and can you use the CINEWORLD as an examble of workplace... ****(CINEWORLD)=cinema in uk... thanks. source..

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In the management of human resources within organizations, good performance management plays a central role in achievement of success through motivation of the employees. Employers use different criteria and systems in evaluation of the employee performance. This paper is a speech presentation that discusses the application of company values and objectives as a system of measuring the performance of Cineworld Company employees.
To begin with, it should be noted that human resource managers must understand the approach that the organization uses to evaluate the performance of its employees so as to ensure effective and accurate assessment of the employee performance. This will facilitate decision making on matters that affect the employees. Cineworld Group is a chain of cinemas that operate within the United Kingdom, Jersey and in the Republic of Ireland. The company has a wide customer base with many tall screens within its large and busy cinemas. The company has employed a large number of people within its many cinemas hence the need for the human resource management to effectively assess their performance in order to determine whether the services offered to the customers are satisfactory.
The current trends that the human resource management employ in determining employee performance are systems that measure the impact of employee performance against company objectives and values. According to Grande (2007), employee performance measurement systems aim at motivating the workers through engaging them in the assessment so that their competencies in work remain relevant to the goals of the company. The Cineworld Group engages its employees in the assessment of the performance of work activities so as to motivate their commitment in providing quality services to the company customers. Huntington (2004) however argues that the systems used by employers to measure the performance of employees may not be accurate because they usually reflect positive response and yet employee work does not meet the standards set by the organization. The performance of the Cineworld employees is determined by their attitudes towards their work activities especially since most of the company cinemas operate at night. The performance of employees may show quality outcomes and yet the employees have a negative attitude towards the odd hour work schedules.
Grande (2007) illustrates that the system of measuring employee performance that assesses the employee work output against the objectives and values of the company ensures that the quality of work and productivity benefit the organization. The Cineworld Group aims at expanding its cinema network beyond the borders of the United Kingdom. In addition the company objective is geared towards provision of quality and current cinema services to its customers with an ultimate goal of increasing profit. Cools (2005) explain that employee p...
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