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Judaism And Political Theology Final Project (Speech Presentation Sample)


This is a final presentation for Judaism and political theology. You should carefully read final project.pdf and final presentation.pdf.
I choose Providence Rhode Island-2018. The Turnitin rate must lower than 10%. Please attached the Turnitin report.
If you want to get pictures about Providence. I can send. Please no hesitate to reach out to me.


Judaism and Political Theology final project
This paper will be based on the items that have been forgotten in Providence City. Providence is the capital city of the Rhode Island state. The city is home to some of the most historic buildings in Rhode Island. Most notably in the city is the Brown University as well as Rhode Island School of Design. This essay will be discussing some of the notable items in the city, which are important still but have long been forgotten. These items will be discussed in relation to the theme of American Civil Religion.
List of Salvaged Obscure Things from Providence Rhode Island-2018
1.The Root of Roger Williams
Considering the fact that the Church and State were separated; an idea that was proposed by Williams who was the person that discovered the Providence, Rhodes Island, there was no public cemetery to burry people. Williams was buried at a small grave on his own firm. Theplace was so small or humble that it was forgotten almost immediately. One of the things that are obscure that have been forgotten in Providence, Rhodes Island is the place where Williams the founder was buried. As Walter states for many centuries the state was separated from the religion or church in most places1.
2.The Narragansett Historical Register Magazine
1 Taubes, Jacob, and AleidaAssmann.The political theology of Paul. Stanford University Press, 2004.
This is another item that has been forgotten in Providence, Rhodes Island, which was
used to be cherished in the town. It is believed that the magazine was published by one James Newell sometime between 1882 and 1891. It is important to note that the magazine was mainly about the history of the Rhodes Island and the genealogy of its founding fathers. This magazine as once the most cherished items in town and currently it has been forgotten and very few people can afford to remember it. As Walter-Benjamin states in one of his writings about history that anything that has ever happened should not be regarded as having been
lost. Each moment that thing has ever lived will become and the day is the Day of Judgment according to the scriptures2.
2Scholem, Gershom. The messianic idea in Judaism: And other essays on Jewish spirituality. Schocken, 2011.
3.The Brick Fountains Sitting in the Middle of the Cathedral Square
This brick item is one of the things that have been forgotten in Providence, Rhodes Island, and very few people know about its existence. The plaza of Cathedral square was designed by one the greatest ever lived architectures called I.M. Pei, who was also the man behind the popular pyramids situated outside a Museum in Paris known as Louvre. Most people in Rhodes Island are oblivious of the fact that Pei was the man behind the building. According to Marx historians, there is always a fight for the material and crude things that there are no refined and other spiritual things that could exist.
4.Architecture at Brown University in Connection to American Civil Religion
The idea of architectural work that has presented in this building was designed to respond to the continuous response to the students in the university. The building was designed to so that the students could develop a wider understanding concerning the ideas and methods for the purposes of planning and designing of landscapes, cities, and buildings. It has become pretty clear that the building was designed to enable the students of the architecture department in the university to concentrate on the trainings that are geared towards
promoting awareness on humanity, global, surrounding, social, and economic issues in the city of providence3.
5.Providence Library
The providence library is ...

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