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Is death penalty a good way for stopping crime in Canada? (Speech Presentation Sample)


In Canada, the history of the death penalty, and the crime rate, what kind of people have been sentenced to death.


Oral Presentation
Points to remember and to prepare for:
1. The points of the presentation should be made clearly.
2. There should be enough content/information using reliable sources.
3. The presenter(s) should know the topic well.
4. The presentation should be informative for the audience.
5. The presenter(s) should be prepared for the possible questions raised by the audience and handle them well.
6. The presentation should include introduction, thesis, support, and conclusion. These sections should be clearly marked by “signals”.
7. The presenter(s) should apply proper eye contact, hand movements, facial gestures, smile, body movement, humor, loudness, and softness.
8. The presenter(s) should act and sound enthusiastic.
9. The presenter(s) should be confident. 
10. The presenter(s) should maintain a clear pronunciation, correct grammar, and proper vocabulary.
11. If in pairs, both presenters should speak equal amount of time. 
12. The presenter(s) should provide me with a reference list organized APA style.
13. At the end of the presentation, there should be 2-4 discussion questions for students. 
14. Each team of two can spend 10-15 minutes. This time does not include the discussion questions.
15. Presenters are given two grades—individual and pair. The final grade is the average of the two.


Is Death Penalty A Good Way For Stopping Crime In Canada?
Institutional Affiliation
Is Death Penalty A Good Way For Stopping Crime In Canada?
A Death penalty is one extreme punishment that was practiced in Canada. Ever since it was abolished, the nation has witnessed an increase in the trend of crime prevalence. The big question here is, can reintroduction of this penalty help to stop crime in Canada? Based on the history of this penalty, and the available statistics on the crime rate in Canada, indeed, the punishment can stop offenses in Canada, as discussed below.
History of the Death Penalty in Canada
The death penalty is one aspect that existed in Canada way back in the 1800s. The incident was used to execute criminals who were convicted of first-class crimes. Although it was abolished later, there remains a noticeable scar that reminds the world of its existence. 

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