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Persuasive Speech (Speech Presentation Sample)

Why Self-Care is important for your Mother and Father when they are getting old or We should take care our parents. Need : I. Introduction II. Problem III. Cause IV. Solution V. Conclusion Also, will send outline sample. source..
In life, to love and to be loved forms a firm pillar in social integration set-up. This translates into responsible men and women of the society by enforcing acceptable way of life and behavior within a given society.
* Today, many homes of the elderly are becoming popular and increasing at an alarming rate all over the world. Unlike yester-years when children used to take care of their parents at old age, things are changing by children committing less time to their parents.
* It frequently said that we do unto others what we would also wish to be done unto us. In our life cycle, we undergo various stages of growth and development whereby some stages are more alike for example; young age and old age have a number of resemblance. Some of such relationship include being dependent on others for assistance and the need of care from those who can afford it. Through research, I have established that many elderly parents are not receiving adequate care from their children as they would have expected. In this paper, I will educate enlighten you on how you can be responsible by helping your parents as the grow old.
* Psychologist purport that that psychological and physical stress can elevate many body complications including blood pressure, stress and reduced body immunity. In line with this, stress is also believed to be a contributing factor in obesity.
* When health of our parents is compromised due to our actions of negligence and lack of love to them, they are likely to develop a number of heath complications which will translate to a heavy medical burden to the country. This in turn will slow down development index of such countries, denying enhanced development growth which will affect the whole populace of the country either directly or indirectly
* Some of children are born out of wedlock and other out of parents who are not ready to take care of them. Such children end up being taken to children care services...
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