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Learning English by film in the classroom: importance and the effect (Speech Presentation Sample)


Dear writer, I have group presentation and my part is the introduction Please make it clear ( highlight the point and make it more academic) to be easy for me to make the power point. Please include 1. Definition. to use it in classrooms 3. Type of film and the level of English. 4.the importance and the effect. About the References please choose books or articles.


Learning English by Film in the Classroom
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Learning English by Film in the Classroom
English is among the internationally recognized languages and mostly used by many people around the world. The western countries use it as the national language while in most of the eastern countries it is a foreign language and considered to be a second language to many people. In countries where it is not a national language, they have to learn it as their second language, and it is hard to teach international students especially the young learners. Therefore, teachers have to find methods that will make the students comfortable in learning the language. Teachers should create a fun learning environment for their students to make the language easy for them. Teachers can use poems, storytelling, and songs to enlighten the learning environment and make the lessons entertaining, but using these materials is already common among the learners. This paper is aimed at visioning the readers that using films to teach English in the classrooms can be fun and exciting like using songs, poems, and storytelling. However, some films that have been downloaded from the internet may contain some contents that are not appropriate for teaching. Therefore, this paper will also help to solve this problem by guiding the teachers on how to choose the appropriate films.
Films tend to support English lessons in the following ways reinforce a grammar point, practice vocabulary, listen to new accents, role playing in speeches as well as discussions and debates. Films are the best means to which learners can hear up-to-date speeches and get exposed to various accents around the world. Also, they can be used to start discussions about certain topics allowing them to practice and enhance their speaking skills. Using films in the classrooms to teach English also helps the learners to learn and practice English by watching the movies. However, film using can be implemented into any lesson to help the students to comprehend some concepts (Cameron, 2002). The following ways can be used to teach English using films:
* Teaching vocabularies. Learners should be given a list of vocabulary words and mixed meanings and be told to match the phrase with ...
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