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New School Vision: Tagline Star Academy, The Place To Be (Speech Presentation Sample)


I think the most important part of this assignment is the “Seven Elements”. Please read carefully about the criteria. Here is the general idea about I am think.
I will name my school Star Academy, and my target students are middle school students and high school students. I want each of them has a bright future, and shining in the sky, just like bright stars.. My mission statement is I want my students to be innovative. Change is the critical point in today’s world since our living environment is developing rapidly. I will first focus on three perspectives of my school, which is inclusive learning environment, the courses that I will provide, and guide these students to find out what they really passionate about. I want my students to develop in four approaches from biological, psychological, sociocultural and integrative.


New School Vision
Student Name
Institutional Affiliation
New School Vision
Name of School: Star Academy
Tagline: Star Academy, the place to be.
Ladies and gentlemen, we all know that the children of today are working towards becoming the adults of tomorrow. The quality of education plays a critical role in determining the type of an individual a child will become. According to Postman & Weingartner (1969), schools must be instruments of enabling learners to exercise their freedom and have the intellectual power to do it effectively. Hence, as you choose a school for your child, it is critical to ensure that it offers quality education. Star Academy is dedicated to offering the kind of education that is suitable for your child.
Star academy targets middle and high school students. We believe that at this stage of your child, we are in a position to have a positive impact on their lives. According to Baker (2013), the founder of Desire2Learn, the one-size-fits-all formal education system is faulty. Because it was created to meet the demands of the industrial revolution. Schools existed to prepare learners to become factory workers. Since then, the majority of schools have not changed that approach. Star Academy seeks to prepare students for today’s knowledge economy where employees are required to come up with solutions and not merely remember tasks.
A majority of schools in our country have over-relied in the outcome of standardized tests. Although these tests are the easiest and cheapest method of comparing various students, they offer little insight into the ability of learners to think critically. The mission of our school is to ensure that our students remain creative. We know that change has become

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