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The Plastic Plague: The Preparation And Speaking Outlines (Speech Presentation Sample)


Suppose you are going to deliver a speech titled The Plastic Plague in a conference of the Environmental Protection Association in your university. Please write:
the preparation outline of the speech
the speaking outline of the speech


The Plastic Plague
Author’s Name:
The Plastic Plague
The preparation outline of the speech
The speech will have an introduction which will contain the definition and elaboration of the menace of the plastic plague, which needs a lasting solution. Secondly, the speech will describe the hypothesis that will go a long way to define different facets of the problem. Thirdly, the lecture will highlight and explain the problems caused by the plague and recommend potential remedies that will lead to lasting solutions. The speech will then have conclusion remarks which will relate to the hypothesis.
The speaking outline of the speech
Firstly, the menace of plastic pollution has become problematic so much so that walking on the seashores or any beach around the globe; one must meet with the spectacular plastic waste CITATION Tho09 \l 1033 (Thompson, Moore, vom Saal, & Swan, 2009). There is staggering growth in the statistics of tons of chemical residues over the world. Plastic debris per se refers to the waste that comes in different sizes which vary from microplastic particles to fishing nets, to large containers. The trash is dumped everywhere on a day-to-day basis polluting and dirtying the oceans, beaches, coasts, rivers, and lands.
Secondly, according to (Thompson, Moore, vom Saal, & Swan, 2009), plastics have high levels of electrostatic and thermal insulation properties besides being corrosion-resistant, durable, strong, and inexpensive materials. The researchers also maintain that the versatility and diversity of the polymers and their properties are the significant facets that enable plastics to be used in the manufacturing of a vast array of products. The products, in effect, have numerous technological and medical advances and power savings among other social significances CITATION Dav97 \l 1033 (Laist, 1997). The finding herein informs a hypothesis that has led to the substantial increase in the production of pl

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