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Write A Speech On The Topic Dialogue Brings Civilizations Closer (Speech Presentation Sample)


You should write a speech on the topic "Dialogue Brings Civilizations Closer"


Dialogue Brings Civilizations Closer
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Dialogue Brings Civilizations Closer
Ladies and gentlemen, imagine a world without wars! Imagine never hearing of a suicide bomber blowing himself up somewhere in the world. Imagine never hearing of a massacre of 49 people at a gay club in Florida. Imagine a world where local and international conflicts are solved amicably without resorting to war. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the potential of dialogue. In a world where globalization has brown people closer, it is time for peace to reign, and dialogue has the potential to do exactly that.
Today, the international arena is marred with conflicts ranging from the U.S.-Chinese tensions, Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Afghanistan war, and the India-Pakistani conflict. Some of these conflicts result in deaths of innocent people, among them children. Nations or groups indeed have interests to protect for the benefit of its citizens or members; but in today’s globalized world, they need to see the significance of peace and unity. I believe this can be achieved through dialogue.
Arguably, the two major civilizations in the world today are the East and the West. The rift between Western countries and the East, the Middle East, in particular, has been the source of most conflicts we see in the international arena. One of the key speakers in the Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations that was held in Beijing in May this year was Alistair Michie, the Secretary-General of British East Asia Council. In his speech, he noted that dialogue can result in better communication between th

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